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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Merlin28, Feb 20, 2010.

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  1. I take it the best way to get trained and eventually work on this is to pick Harrier when at Sultan, or does it not really matter if you have done the whirly birds before?
  2. I don't know i'm in the same situation (as in choice of aircraft for AET) . However I'm guessing that Mr Brown won't be able to afford them now. I reckon the harriers could be in service for a few years yet.
  3. If Mr. Brown stopped paying benefits to every lazy bstard in this country, then he would be able to afford them :)
  4. I hope things have changed.

    In days of yor, NAM's, my training was on fixed wing.

    Ask me who got a helicopter squadron?

    The Navy has a habit of sending you where needed rather than your choice.

    (NAM = Naval Aircraft Mechanic. Pre AET's).
  5. when you get to sultan - badger your DO from the word go that you want to go Harriers and he will make sure it happens.

    you may find that drafty will let your DO know how many he wants from that class and then a big bun fight occurs.


    you may be just thankful that you made it through LAET's course - judging by the shite and dross we have had recently i'd give it a 50:50.


    because its a new aircraft - which we might not get anyway- we are all in the same boat and a bit of fixed wing at your level wont make drafty sign out the magic bones and dice - or whatever he uses to decide carerr paths.

    enjoy - maybe see you around - you'll know who i am - i'll be the grumpy chief that tells you to f*ck off till youve passed the academic phase before we discuss drafts

  6. I reckon a slab and a box of doughnuts usually helps when making them career changing decisions? :D
  7. i think you'll find that a bottle of malt would instantly secure any draft preference - no whisky and its culdrose for you shipmate.

    and they say that MP's are corrupt

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