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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, May 11, 2010.

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  1. For the good of our country the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland I wish the new Prime Minister and cabinet (when appointed) every success.
  2. God bless him and all who sail in him - he's going to need plenty of fortune on his side...
  3. I am willing to give our new government the benefit of the doubt and wish our new PM all the best for the future.
    All I can hope is that we do not see another firesale of the public sector as has happened in the past. At the very least I hope the NHS is protected and we see no more "internal markets" and "ward closures" as has happened in the past.
    Lastly, hopefully the RN (and the other 2 services) get the funding and equipment they need and deserve
  4. Don't hold your breath.
  5. I take the view the sh*t is about to hit the proverbial fan and I might end up having to spend a lot of money on private medical insurance for my wife's care, unless the Tories have changed their stripes and given up trying to smash up the NHS as has happened previously.

    Also it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest to see both carriers cancelled at vast expense (more likely than the cost of building and running the things) just so Mr Osborne can be seen to be "doing something"

    All this does not bode well at all methinks.
  6. Long hot summer.

    After a glimmer of hope yesterday, it is now guaranteed.

  7. I still have vivid memories of the early 1990s with ward closures galore (somehow publicised as "improving the NHS", so reducing services offered is an improvement somehow??), 3+ year waiting lists for minor procedures, massive increases in prescription costs year upon year, privatisation of cleaning services to the lowest bidder leading to the current nightmare of HAI and superbugs.

    Sadly I see any good which came to the NHS over the past 13 years being rapidly reversed, worst case scenario being the headline "Tories say NHS unaffordable, to be sold to BUPA for token £1"
  8. The men that worked for England
    They have their graves at home:
    And bees and birds of England
    About the cross can roam.

    But they that fought for England,
    Following a falling star,
    Alas, alas for England
    They have their graves afar.

    And they that ruled in England,
    In stately conclave met,
    Alas, alas for England
    They have no graves as yet.
  9. I will put a tenner at willi hills an election within 18 months
  10. Your joking !! they want to cut trident cut the carriers there are loads of stuff that they will never agree on which in turn will lead to another election as i have said i give it 18 months and that cleggs a power seeking MONG !!!!!!!!!!!
  11. The cuts will be savage.

    An online simulator, developed by the FT using government figures, suggests a saving of that scale would require all of the following: a 5 per cent cut in public sector pay; freezing benefits for a year; means-testing child benefit; abolishing winter fuel payments and free television licences; reducing prison numbers by a quarter; axing the two planned aircraft carriers; withdrawing free bus passes for pensioners; delaying Crossrail for three years; halving roads maintenance; stopping school building; halving the spending on teaching assistants and NHS dentistry; and cutting funding to Scotland and Wales by 10 per cent.
  12. Yet no one is willing to mention the one common sense idea.....a raise in income tax to alleviate some of the cuts that are needed....putting IT back to 22% or even raise it to 24% from 20% would surely improve the public finances?
    I would rather pay a bit more in income tax than have public services smashed to pieces to meet some pie in the sky budget
  13. I hope to God that Osborne is not made Chancellor of the Exchequer. I wouldn't trust him to run a tea boat. I had hoped Vince Cable would win that post, but with Clegg getting the DPM job, it seems unlikely. Ken Clarke was mentioned as a possible candidate who would receive the approval of the City, but anyone would be better than Osborne (except perhaps Letwin).
  14. Don't worry; there will be Income Tax increases in addition to the cuts. The UK has a declining tax base and a bloated Public Sector that comprises >50% of the work-force. NuLiebour has left massive debts and clearing them is going to make the Greek fiasco look like a picnic.

    Rest assured that NuLiebour will be laughing from the opposition benches as the Conservatives argue with the Libs when Cameron attempts to clean the Augean Stables.

    Happy Trails :thumbleft:
  15. NuLiebour can laugh all they want from the Opposition benches but the facts of the matter will remain carved in stone and SHOULD be an enduring reason why they should be ashamed of their blatant profligacy that has led us to this position (and it is is only PARTLY to do with the Global Recession)!

    QUOTE Go back less than a decade, and the British government was in the black, with a healthy net surplus of £15.1 billion for the 2000-01 tax year.

    The picture today is very different. Britain's public finances have just recorded their worst year since records began in the 1940s.

    Public sector borrowing hit £163.4 billion at the end of the 2009/10 financial year on 5 April, figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show.

    The record high, adjusted to take into account the bailout of British banks, is almost 70% higher than 2008-09's £96.5 billion figure. UNQUOTE

    Full link here
  16. Yes, I was wondering why a rise in income tax hasn't been mentioned.
    IMHO, it seems a logical and fair way of raising some dosh.
  17. Anyone care to bet which cabinet minister gets the boot on the first reshuffle.I'd put tenner on George Osborne and a fiver on Oliver Letwin if he gets a ministry as a late runner on the outside. :lol:
  18. Apart from the possible impact on Defence in general, my worry is how much opportunity has been opened for interference with our Constitution (OK, unwritten).
  19. On a lighter note I am sure that you are all as pleased as I am to see another Jock in No 10.
  20. At least you can understand what he says without any of those wierd and wonderful Jockinese turns of phrase. But to be serious for a moment, I have nothing against Scots, Welsh, Irish or English MPs and PMs provided they are in the game for the right reasons and perform to acceptable moral standards

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