The navy's policy on sporting supplements?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by _Tim_, Dec 6, 2008.

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  1. After working out/training, I take whey protein as a recovery aid. I also take it at some point during the day.

    Does the navy have a policy regarding such supplements?

  2. ohhhhh yesss my friend, its highly unnacceptable and will be taken very seriously
  3. Are you serious? Or was that sarcasm?
  4. of course not, yea it was sarcasm dude n whey protein is fine... as long as your not taking roids youll be fine
  5. Great :)

    I'm not planning on being on it for the long-term. It's just helping me recover whilst I up my game a bit.
  6. Why can't people become fit and strong by exercising without these fake aids?
    If you can't do it naturally, don't bother!
  7. I am a qualified personnel trainer i have been training for over 30 years (boxing ,x country runner ,bodybuilder/powerlifter and field gunner) whey protein is perfectly natural ,and when you are training hard you need that something extra to feed your body and help it recover and promote muscle growth outwith your normal diet .Not everyone likes swallowing 2 dozen egg whites and it can get a tad expensive ,so i would recommend a good whey protein a company called reflex does in my opinion one of the best.
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hey, it was good enough for Rocky... :thumright:
  9. Their use is quite common in the Navy these days.

    It's been getting more and more popular since the ban on gays was lifted.
  10. Oh dear not this one again.

    No. Whey is food, processed, but no more so than the majority of food. The adverts you see in bodybuilding magazines are all essentially variants of the same, food derived substances, and are perfectly legal, people just look too much into the marketing and believe they turn you into a monster.
    It is not 'cheating' or 'unnatural' to use basic, food-derived supplements.

    Even my old mum uses whey protein when she goes walking because of its effects on satiety and it's high biological value.
  11. Good to see attitudes have changed too.
  12. loads of people take it in phase 1 and 2, ive seen people taking more than whey protein.
  13. cheers sailorboy Ill have a look into that make of supplement too..
    I used to take raw egg with milk and some milkshake powder to get rid of the taste of raw egg

  14. This has got to be a bite right??

    We're talking about protein for Christs sake.
  15. Hi i use reflex growth matrix its a whey protein with creatine and all the amino-acids you need ,its essentially designed as a postwork out supplement ie you take it directly after training .Beware its vile tasting but its got great revues in the bodybuilding circuit ,i have been using it for over 2 years and highly recommend it.I purchase it through a web site www.affordable all the best.

    PS i am now getting used to the taste of it after 2 years .uck
  16. Sorry matey but I disagree with taking anything like that. I road raced push-bikes from my school days until a couple of years into my Military career and have also practiced various Martial Arts from when I joined the mob and still do to this day. I have taken nothing whatsoever. As an indication of my natural fitness, after leaving the Military I joined the Police at the age of 40 and performed far better than all but 2 of my far younger intake in the physical tests.
    Like I said, it can be done naturally without taking supplements.
    My sig' says it all. Train hard, fight easy.
    Besides, if you start taking that, then what comes next?
  17. As far as I'm concerned Grim, Taking a protein shake is as natural as eating a bannana.
    He's not asking if he should inject Winstral into his arse.
    If he blended a drink from tuna and chicken would that be cheating as well?
    A protein drink is a Dietery supplement not a performance enhancing drug.
  18. Fair enough, I take your point.
    Good luck to him anyway and Merry Christmas to you.
  19. Likewise Have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous new year.
  20. As i have already stated i am a qualified personnel trainer and i have a good background in nutrition ,whey protien is as natural as a steak or breast of chicken you can purchase it in any high street health food shop like holland & barret.Most people in the sporting world ie rugby/football
    players athletes etc take some form of supplementation in their diet.I am 45 i train twice a day on my final fitness test prior to leaving the service last year i lapped a 25 year old not bad for a 17st bodybuilder,and when you are training intensively like i do you need that little bit extra in your diet.Have you ever weight trained hard and heavy like deadlifting 500lbs plus squating 400lbs plus for reps etc ???.

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