The Navy's favourite Padre strikes again......

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by thingy, Sep 28, 2008.

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  1. He appeared on BBC Radio 4's Sunday this morning claiming bullying etc by the Anglican Church, and presumably seeking compensation? Another £30K perhaps. Why do the rest of us work when we too could make multiple claims against employers?

    iPoddies can download it here:

    I hope he looses. After all the CoE's opt outs from the Human Rights Act last year were on the basis that they were not workers or employees but office holders appointed, in effect, by God. Then again if he wins, the CoE's opts outs from the law will become increasingly untenable.
  2. Oh, that Padre who didn't leave the RN for the reasons he stated! (link) According to the BBC interview, he's been signed off work now for two and a half years owing to stress and depression. For a vicar, he seems uncommonly unblessed.
  3. Maybe he should have talked to a Padre before he started the journey?
  4. What I want to know is:
    Is this really a man of the cloth or a professional litigation claimant?

  5. OMG, I thought he ONLY got £30K.

    Looks like I'll have to civil partner a lawyer and begin a new career as Claimant Extraordinaire.....

    Rosie..... fancy a sex change? :twisted:
  6. I was always told that Padres are Army and RAF; they wear officers' uniform and have a rank. In contrast, the RN has Chaplains; they wear their own uniform and have no rank and are therefore able to mix with both officers and ratings on an equal footing. That's the theory anyway. In practice the total waste of oxygen that this thread refers to couldn't mix with anybody and was just out for himself. If he really is a man of God, he should regard the sins of us sailors to be a suitable challenge to his ministry instead of claiming to be all upset about naughty piccies. As an ex-policeman he must have seen such things (and worse) before. Then again, as an ex-policeman he is probably out for himself and looking for opportunities to make a few bob on the side.
  7. Did the Good Lord not say, "Turn the other cheek"?

    He needs to read the big book he carries around with him, perhaps.

    I can't believe we're still affected by the aftermath of this Uber-Throbber in the RN
  8. Hmm, let's see:

    As a dog handler he sued and left the Met Police for 'stress' when his dog bit him.

    As a trainee bish he sued and left the RN for 'stress' because he didn't like what he saw or having to conform to silly little things like orders and uniforms.

    As a rector, off sick for 2 years, having forgot to officiate at a family's funeral FFS, he sues (and has yet to leave) the CofE for working practices.

    Anybody see a pattern here or fancy being his next employer???

    Oh, did I mention he's married to a litigation lawyer?

  9. He'll join the civil service next, then get stressed because of low pay and move on to become an MP! :twisted:
  10. Sued over porn in the Navy lol


    Looks like he's out just to claim as much money as he can from anyone and by any means
  11. He's the reason you can't put your "Nuts" or "Maxim" poster on the mess wall matey. Apparently they're "offensive". Lets hope those who would be offended don't visit a back-street garage or factory rest-room in the future.
  12. Anyone noticed who sponsors this thread?

    ClaimsDirect & InjuryLawyers4U .... :lol:

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