The Navy I joined(what we got now)


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I left in '66 and I know we did not have 7 fast patrol boats unless you counted the Dark boats layed up for scrap or sale.
We had two in the FPB Squadron, Brave Swordsman and Brave Borderer I was not aware of any others.
I served on the Brave Swordsman for a year and I think I would have known but I could be wrong.
Dartmouth training boats were there but they were not fast PB or classed as those.
Like to know the others though.


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stirling said:
Rumrat said:
Do the "Home" and "Traff" clubs still exist, are they in the same places and what about "Aggie Westons" 8O :?:

Anyone help please :?: AW in FES.

This is the Traf club now mate......

I went in at lunchtime last year and was well impressed, you would not recognise it internaly, good ale and grub.

Bugger, I bet you have to wipe your feet to get in.
Its a wonder they let "Jack"in :roll: :D

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