The Navy Board!?

The Navy site has the members of the Navy Board. ( )
Is this a complete list? What about ACNS (A&C) and other ACNSs? or are they not technically on the board?
The reason why I ask is because I am trying to find out who the head of the Logistics branch is.... thinking that there is an ACNS(L)? as well as compound my knowledge of the Navy board.

Whilst I'm here, anybody know an exact date for VAdm. Jones promotion next month??

Sorry for 20 Qs!!

Thanks all!
Chief Naval Logistics Officer is a secondary title held by the most senior Pusser; as it stands I think that is ACNS Ships.

The 2 ACNS are there due to their roles; there are other Boards that have all the other 2* as members.
The Navy board is broadly speaking the Admiralty Board but without the Govt Ministers.

Now I know he is an engineer, but 'VADM Simon Lister has also assumed the role of Chief of Fleet Support on the Navy Board. He is responsible for all Defence Equipment & Support outputs across Ships, Submarines and Naval Bases' I would assume that makes him the Pussers boss
CNLO offers "head f branch" functions (i.e. senior Pusser appointments, Pusser "strategy"). There is also a CNEO and a CNWarfareOfficer (who isn't 1SL bizarrely).

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