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Discussion in 'History' started by Passed-over_Loggie, Jul 28, 2009.

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  1. I've become embroiled in one of those silly bloody arguments, as one does (or, as I do, anyway), that centres on an entry in that great fount of all factual truth, Wikipedia.

    My initial considered opinion was “bolloxâ€. After 10+ years of Noo Labia, though, I’m no longer sure of anything.

    The salient point of the argument is, are the Marines an Arm of the RN or part of Wiki’s “Naval Service� I must confess to having been confused towards the end of the last Century when the RM appeared on the Army ORBAT and demanded on QMG for non training material.
  2. Where is the discussion, there doesn't appear to have been any activity on that page recently.
  3. More from Wikipedia (British Armed Forces):

    This is my understanding too. Obviously, RFA personnel and all the civil servants and civilian contractors working in full-time support capacities are also included in the Naval Service but not neccesarily in the Royal Navy.
  4. Surely the reference to QRs should be superceded by a reference to the Armed Forces Act?

    The unified ''Navy Command'' that encpompasses RN, RM and RFA would suggest Naval Service, although I'm unconvinced of the argument that civilian ''agencies'' are part of it.

    I'm not convinced that the civilian bodies within NC are individually legally constituted as agencies.

    All that said, I don't think RM is an Arm of the RN. Do RM ID cards still carry the ''Naval Service'' label?
  5. You are, of course, right. That reference, though, was the source of the argument but not the actual argument.

    Thanks to you and Naval_Gazerfor your responses. In 36 years, I’d never encountered the Naval Service title before, apart from in Patrick O’Brien novels. BR2 didn’t help much nor
  6. The RM is part of the navy. They sign exactly the same contract as anyone joining the RN. A Royal Marine's ID card says Royal navy.
  7. Civil Servants may work for the Navy and be responsible to a uniformed Officer,but remain Civil Servants,not members of the Royal Navy.
  8. Err...

    Old versions of BR2 include in their definition of Naval Service various civilian organisations such as the Royal Corps of Naval Constructors, Royal Fleet Auxiliary, etc.
  9. Bugger! You’re right. I don’t think I’ve ever looked at Ch 1, Sect 1 before. Thanks.

    Glancing, through that chapter, though, I do note a significant number of factual errors. For example, it refers to an organisation (NBSA) that ceased to exist over 8 years ago. My page is dated 2008.
  10. I would say been an ex matlot that the Royal Marines are part of the Royal Navy as they serve under the WHITE ENSIGN nuff said :D
  11. does the Royal Yacht Squadron but it's neither Royal Navy nor Naval Service. :p

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