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Do we need this group?

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Just got our copy of the two six DVD spring 09 (have been sat waiting for it, unable to contain the excitement)

What a great DVD (that’s an hour of my life I can't get back)
On reading the Personnel support brief (PSB) a must for all; I came across Brief 9 The Naval Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) Forum.

It was great to know that the forum is comprises a committee of 10 who mirror a cross section of RN/RM personnel. so that the LOGS branch sorted

But is still looking for a Heterosexual Volunteer to join the forum,i read there are no takers,

Are there any takers on this sight? Sorry is anyone interested in the position,

I am happy to find out that the navy does not monitor sexual orientation and has no record of numbers of personnel that can join the LGBT group, they also do not keep records for heterosexual personnel a good thing I am told

In this modern day and age, Where we are all equal in the work place, why do we have a LGBT forum that deals with Equality and Human rights issues in the RN, does the divisional system and other forums not cover this,
Where is the Heterosexual forum dealing with Heterosexual problems, such sex life and work related problems .
Why do we need two forums, if we are all equal then why not just have a single forum that covers these issues as according to the brief we are all one community.

But do we need another bunch of do good ers telling us how to live and what we can do at work, are we not enlightened enough to live and let live as long as what you do in private does not affect how you conduct the way you work or treat others

Anyone interested in the Heterosexual job can contact the forum at [email protected]
If you are interested in adding your details to the Naval Service LGBT community list it’s the same web address

I would do the Heterosexual job but theres no extra pay and its all about the money these days..
its all in the PSB


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For someone who is very keen to demonstrate loudly about his heterosexual credentials, you certainly seem to have done some serious research into LGBT! Well done, you... :shock: :?
its all in the PSB had to give the brief to the division
plus i had the booklet in front of me as i was typing.
was thinking of taking the job but im currently out of UK for the next 3 years and i think i would be a bit out of touch on how people in the fleet feel
Just how much will it cost the navy to fund this group? Weve got shortages of equipment, and the navy in its infinite wisdom has decided that its better splash the cash on the LGBT Forum than support lads/lasses out on operations.

Ive got nothing against the brownhatters or velcro's, after all I myself am a lesbian trapped in a mans body.

However I do strongly belive that homosexuality should not be promoted.

Cant they just have a big gay bop at Marthas once a month?
I would like to join a forum for members of the service who are heterosexual but like nothing better than a bit of ribald homoerotic bonding, masochistic phys, hygiene and getting into drag for the occasional run ashore. If it doesn't exist, could someone pse create it. We could meet regularly for a good gym session, laugh at each other's cocks in the shower and then slip into a nice Laura Ashley number before getting meaningfully drunk while standing in a circle of steel. We could even create an amusing dance move or two, loosely based on the stoppage drills for a GPMG and see if we can get anyone stupid enough to take the bait.....oh hang on, we already have the forum we need. God bless the Corps.....

(Stands to sing A Life on the Ocean Wave at the position of attention with cock in a pint of 1664) :D

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