The 'Naval List': what does 'I' mean?


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WW1 era 'Navy List': what does 'I' mean?

In the navy lists where 'S' means the occifer is a signals specialist, 'N' = Navigation, 'T' is Torpedo, 'G' is gunnery and 'E' is an engineer, what does 'I' mean?

In the same vein, has anyone the complete list of alphabet specialisations?

My thanks and appreciation in advance
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Which year of the Navy List?

In a current one (post '09 say), it may mean Intelligence, but the more usual abbreviation would be 'Int'.

If it's old (pre-97), it might be 'Instructor', but I'm not sure.


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Instructor would be the one that screams out.
Yes, I was thinking on the same lines but I don't think we're right.

It comes from the appendix from the book 'With the battlecruisers/With Beatty in the North Sea' by Filson Young. HMS New Zealand lists these 2 men as:

Lieut-Comm (I) Dudley BM North
Assist. Paym (I) Denzil R. Thurstan.

In other ships, when someone is learning they have (for instructional duties) after their name. This 'i' is before it so it is the mans specialisation.


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There should be a list of abbreviations in the volume. Certainly later Schoolies were 'Instructor Lieutenant' etc. An Assistant Paymaster is just that, quite different animal; and if that is the Dudley North who I think it is, he came (VERY UNFAIRLY) to a sticky end over the escape of some Fr ships in 1940.
There's a mention on the weblink Soleil has posted regarding "linguistically versatile" - could the 'I' be Interpreter then?
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