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Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by guestm, Apr 8, 2010.

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  1. Thought I'd share my early picks for the Grand National this weekend, for those who like a flutter once a year and aren't sure who to go for:

    I've gone for four, two outright and two each way:

    BIG FELLA THANKS - Outright:

    Jumps extrememly well and likes Aintree. Current favourite at 7-1 and has to have a big chance. Last year he underperformed but was young at 7 years old and a jump novice. Well worth a punt. Ridden by Ruby Walsh a superb jockey over the fences. He has never fallen.

    STATE OF PLAY - Outright:

    Has spen all year aiming for the National and trainer Evan Williams really fancies his chances. He fits into the winning weight bracket , has won big races (Has won 5 of his 15 chase races ) Finished 4th last year but was too heavy and his rider made an error 4 out.

    The horse has only been seen once since last years race, a run in the Hennessey back in November where he was pulled-up. This will keep people from betting on him but I'm happy with that getting him at 25/1. He will come down to twelves or thereabout on the day. They have deliberately kept him waiting for this chance. Runs better when fresh.

    SNOWY MORNING - Each way:

    10 years old and well placed weight wise, just under 11 stone, so bang on for the national. He has good form over extreme distances. Was ridden badly last year and did well to finish 9th. Showed form in 2008 when he finished 3rd with a handier ride. Will surely be placed if he stays on his feet. Currently 16-1. Will come down to 14-1 on the day.

    ERIC'S CHARM - Each way:

    Won at Newbury and is now on a hat-trick of wins. Runs from the front and jumps well so should steer clear of mayhem and finish. prefers right handed courses and that is reflected in his price, has ran the national fences once and fell at the sixth due to jockey error. If he stays out of troublw has a superb chance of being placed, I got him at 60/1 yesterday abut most will see him at 50/1 today without getting much shorter.

    Or, you could just do what my missus does and pick the ones in the nice colours, either way, good luck!

    Oh, and if you go with William Hill you get a free fiver for the masters. My pick for the masters? Phil Mickelson at fourteens.
  2. Dont Push It. Can currently get him at 25/1 but expect that to price to shorten. Has AP McCoy riding aswell who is long overdue a national win. At 10 years old and a decent weight fancy him to upset the current favourites.
  3. Has come down from big odds so people are backing him, has a history of snags over hurdles let alone jumps though, still this is the National and anything can happen. :lol:
  4. Hope so just stuck 100 quid on him at 25/1 so if he wins the wets are on me. But am off to a winner first race first win today.
  5. You're one up on me then!
  6. And at last, a BIG win!

    Cheers Fergie!
  7. my luck has ran out I have had 2 fallers after the first win
  8. Only had one big result all day, others have ticked over, just shat out on the 3:45.

    So far today there has been a 40/1 winner and a 50/1. What?

    For the rest I've gone:

    4:20: Lennon / Consigliere
    4:55: Mad Max
    5:30: Silverhand

    I'm mega quids in after What a friend won so have gone pretty bold for the rest of the day.
  9. 4.20 Pepsyrock
    4.55 The Nightingale
    5.30 Ainama
  10. You could be bang on with The Nightingale.
  11. Hope so as there will be a fair bit of cash on it. Also looks as if no-one else is interested in the horse racing.
  12. Losers. They'll all appear out of no-where all of a sudden once they win with one of my tips.
  13. And if I don't win I'll appear wielding a shotgun :lol:
  14. Tits.

    My day is turning sour.
  15. How you ment to win at this sport the horse was pulled up last time out and goes on to win by 12 lengths.
  16. 3 ludicrous outside winners in a day. I might stick some money on a spaz for the 5:30.
  17. Shazaam!

    Another big win with Mad Max!
  18. If this last horse does not win I am off to the pub to drown my sorrows.
  19. Last race was gahs. Better luck tomorrow HC, I've ended today 3 x up. :lol:
  20. Was up 70 after the first race had 200 on it as it was a dead cert to win now am down around 300 :( not a great day for the wallet

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