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The Naked Rambler.(free at last!)


Naked Rambler Stephen Gough has walked free from prison after spending 657 days locked up.

The 53-year-old said he was looking forward to seeing his children for the first time in years.
A naked Mr Gough was spoken to by police as he was freed from Perth Prison, but was allowed to go on his way in an apparent shift in policy from Tayside Police. 18873631

A truly remarkable tale. Long Live the Naked Rambler. Anybody ever seen this man of the wild?And you know what, he's got a point. Why shouldn't he be naked in public if that is what he wants? It seems he's just doing it on a stubborn point of principle now. Its not something I'd choose to do, but he's essentially being locked up for making a lifestyle choice that does absolutely nobody any harm. So for being harmlessly different. And that just isn't right.


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It's not something I'd choose to do, but he's essentially being locked up for making a lifestyle choice that does absolutely nobody any harm. So for being harmlessly different. And that just isn't right.

That very same argument has been used by sex offenders for decades; "...they're not perverts, they're just exercising their lifestyle choice." (I'm not suggesting Mr. Gough is a sex offender, but the analogy remains). Now I'm all for free speech and expression of free will but if the law says you cannot do something then you have to comply. The overarching rights of the majority in a society will always overrule the rights of the individual, so as not to upset the democratic balance of harmony. Mr Gough is intelligent enough to know better, and should demonstrate his "need" to get back to nature more selectively.


Spot on DutyFlunky, its a lifestyle choice and we should be free to persue the lifestyle of our choice, last week on a visit to our local Arndale I got caught short, I was in the process of curling one down in a large potted palm in the entrance to "Outdoor Action" when this fat security guard, all sunglasse and attitude comes over and gets all sniify, anyway I'm up in court next week, I'll let you know how I get on. Power to the people!.
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