The mystery of the Quoins, Forbidden passage through the Persian Gulf


Lantern Swinger
A good friend of mine has been telling me about a strange experience his great grandfather had while serving on the RFA Fort George in 1950.

The story is that going through the Persian Gulf they decided to go through a "forbidden" channel called the Quoins, when going to Persia for oil.

The voyage through the Quoins was uneventful but on returning home to the UK the crew were called up to the Admiralty for a disciplinary hearing and photographs of the passage were confiscated. My friend has a few photographs that escaped being confiscated and these show rocky cliffs on either side of a passage taken from the deck of the ship. The crew were told strange things happen there and you're not to do it again.

Has anyone heard of this passage or does anyone have a similar story please?



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