The must NOT see kids film this Christmas

Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by Good_CO, Dec 15, 2007.

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  1. Golden Compass. Don't do it - it's truly ****. You have been warned!
  2. Ok wont watch it , cheers .
  3. Stardust is good though, if they haven't seen that. :)
    Bob DeNiro had me in fits in it :D
  4. Other than the ending which didn't reflect Gaiman
  5. Oh PLEASE stop being such a ******.
  6. Saw the trailer for the Golden Compass and burst out laughing when a polar bear started talking. I'm not surprised it's crap.
    Into the Wild is a decent film though, quite a "thinking" film. Based on a true story too.
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    But, but... I thought Golden compass was OK.[​IMG]

    Just watched Enchanted, now THAT is crap.
  8. I've not seen Enchanted or Golden Compass but I've see Stardust and I thought that was a good film

    Another good family film which may even cause a few peeps to say "it's a bit smokey in here" due to the eyes welling up was Bridge to Terabithia
  9. I saw Golden Compass last weekend and thought it was ok, technically very good but it did feel as if there was something missing. I've never read the Pullman books but get the impression that they've been quite heavily edited for the film, removing some of the real substance.

    It's not had good reviews on the radio.
  10. Santa Claus 3 The Escape Claus CRAP!

    How sad am I!

    Well one has to watch these things make sure they are ok for the kiddies.
  11. oh no - that's my afternoon ruined! Damn! Still must admit the animals have daft voices in the trailers I've seen. Rather genteel. Still might see it though ... hmm ...
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    It appears we agree on those two. Enchanted is OK if you have daughters to take as it's a bit girly (hardly any blood & snot), Golden Compass was suitable for an ambidextrous audience that could cope with "well 'ard" talking Polar Bears. (Well, that's what Barry Norman would've said... "And, why not?")
  13. I turned that off due to the fact I couldn't understand the lingo it could be the tinnitus playing up again,.
  14. The Golden Compass, for those interested it`s now being shown on romft.
  15. That'll be about right. **** film on a **** site.
  16. So I was correct in turning if off quarter the way through then?

    I bought it when I read made by the makers of Narnia thinking it may be on the same lines.
  17. Well done Lamri as usual theres always an ******** with a meaningless post, FFS get a life.
  18. Oh booh feckin hoo.
    If its that good hig, eff off back over there and effing STAY why don't you!
    But you keep trolling on here posting irrelevant crap about another site.
  19. I can see the Christmas spirit is now building up lads great stuff!!!!!!
  20. Lamri wind your neck in, it was posted in case anyone was interested in seeing it, just because it was crap to you does not mean that everyone has that opinion, and what exactly is irrelevent crap about another site? Other sites may be crap to you and indeed myself but i dont go on other sights slagging them off, what a boring life you must lead if thats all you can come up with. As for telling me to eff off back and stay there, I`m extremely amused by your witty replies, in fact i`m rolling on the floor with laughter as i`m sure others on this site are.

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