The most fullflling anticlimax ever...

Discussion in 'RMR' started by thepercyboy, Jul 26, 2008.

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  1. I just passed out of training on friday... now I don't know what to do next. Any recommendations with regards to courses? I ultimately would like to do the snipers course but I'm not nieve or stupid enough to think that i can dive straight into it. Any courses that will help towards that goal? :afro:
  2. BZ mate. Well done. X-rubs is your man for advice now, but surley you've got many tasks still to get signed off? Get to Norway etc.?

    Anyway, hoofing effort! :thumright:
  3. Cheers royal. Main point i'm trying to make is that everything was going 100 miles an hour and now it's all come to a stop. Just want some pointers about how to go about how to make the most of myself and not get pinged to be a chef!!!
  4. FFS, you only passed out Friday! You probably need a shag. As I say, ex-Rubs is your man. But best to knuckle down in Cdo Troop and show your work ethic, and get on every ex going.
  5. percy boy, Have forwarded your name to the TO ref a k3's course. He said if that's not possible he'll sort you out a clerk's course. Don't mention it, I don't need your thanks just be the best damn chef you can be.
  6. Hoofing humour! :thumright:
  7. nice one, i maded the silly decision to go to effin college and discontinie my training for the time being oh what a fool i am.
    what unit you at? i have mates from Tyne who should of just done the RFCC,

    And whats wrong with being a chef? have you seen under seige?
  8. Nice repartee !!
  9. I'm RMR scotland. You're lads from tyne had a bit of an epic time. Half of them failed or ended up in hospital, was gutting for some of them.
  10. Thats not good to hear. A lad on my endurance passout collapsed with heat exhaustion by the gymnasium en route to the range and had to be dragged over to sickbay.

    Congratulations on getting through your course Perce and welcome to the family. I suggest you just take a break and settle in with CDO Company before you start thinking about courses. Just sit back and relax for a while and have a think about what you want out of it.
  11. We did the 30 miler in 27 degree heat. We lost 3 guys to heat exhaustion on it, one so severe his kidneys failed. Gen dit.
  12. Well done Perce, I mean ROYAL. :thumright:
  13. I should probably point out that my name is nothing to do with previous army connections, it's just something from my dark secondary school days.
  14. You look like Lord Percy from Blackadder? Do you wear a ruff? :thumright:
  15. No, no it comes from that well love scottish sketch show "chewin the fat" which none of the english types get.
  16. Having worked in PJLand, I found I was the only englishman who understood the jockanese humour of Rab C Nesbitt at Culdrose.
  17. really i knew one of em ended up in hospital i hope they didnt damage the reputation of tyne to much, mind you it has been effin hot.... i struggle to run for an hour in the sun never mind eight, what was the lod carry like? did you get lost and lose timt like the last rfcc ???
  18. The load carry was horrific, again mainlty due to the heat. For some reason we ended up doing 14 miles and for the last 3 every muscle in my legs was going for the world cramp championship. Highly emotional! Your tyne boys did ok on the whole, all the hospital jobs were gen but one guy wrapped on the 30 miler at mile 24 having passed the rest of the tests... that one was beyond me.
  19. can you remember his name? i know one of the lads finished with a broken foot
  20. Well done that man!!

    It is similar to constipation all that struggle then when it is over you wonder what all the fuss is about.

    It was snowing when we lined up for the endurance and as well you know minimum clothing worn means minimum washing later. That pool was cold I can tell thee.

    A venture onto Bodmin one hot summer was something to remember on a similar theme. Poor old Mick with the Jagger lips all cracked due to the heat was in such pain. We just had to tell him a few funnies to make him smile. What are friends for I ask thee.

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