The Mirror: "Coronation Street star arrested..."


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I'd be very careful where you go with this thread, unless posters are all avid readers of McNae's Law for Journalists and experts on libel / Contempt of Court laws ;-)


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You should know, Asst_Ed, that RR has as many experts on journalistic libel matters as we do on Italian criminal law and the UK's immigration policy... :shock: :wink:


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Phew that's alright then. Hope they have deep pockets and don't mind some time at Strangeways. Going rate for contempt of court these days is about £1m.

Luckily, libel payouts are typically only about £200K... plus the half million legal fees...
Needless to say I shall be taking my Triumph Herald to another garage for servicing until this unfortunate business has been sorted out.While I subscribe to the "innocent until proven guilty" principle one cannot be too careful.
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