The mind boggles!

Blair has been given the job of Peace envoy for the Middle East; here we have the man who along with his collaborator Bush has wreaked bloody mayhem in that region and I find his appointment sickening. He is IMO responsible for the deaths of our troops along with the thousand of Iraqi innocent civilians as well as bringing increased terrorism to our shores. Does this man really think that the leaders of Middle Eastern countries will take him seriously?
Don't worry mate, hopefully one day soon his awful wife will be introduced to one of those Palestinian suicide bombers that she has publicly stated her sympathy for. Effing Bitch.


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That's it! TB to Middle Eastern extremists: "Right, if you lot don't sort yer shit out, I'll send Cherie in!" Quick as a flash, peace in our time... :wink:
I may be cynical but I think Blair will take out US citizenship quite soon. Why ? No Americal citizen can be charged with war crimes outside the country ! Simple.


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A necessary appointment to maintain TB's public profile while he waits for the opportunity to be chosen President of Europe by popular acclaim. I understand he has appointed Lord Levy's son as his sidekick which should please the Muslims no end.

btw who is picking up his travel exes? and hers?
Question Time last night...Piers Morgan stated the same....well said, as far as Middle East goes, but Michael Howard- never a fan of TB- did point out his considerable influence in the Northern Ireland peace process. And there is a thought I've harboured as an outside contender for some time...fair comment to you re: TB responsible for Forces deaths, not to mention the shit state of equipment for you all- thats a bloody disgrace ....but , with Bush being such an introspective, uneducated fuckwit, it could just be that Blair had the bright idea of trying to keep this particular dog on a lead ?.. tethering a little, the flaming temperment of a fundamentalist christian who never leaves his back yard, hell-bent on taking over the world....? What can you do with a man who believes he hears things from God,right after having his own Very Bright Idea of invading yet another country....? Perhaps, amidst all the BS and lies, destruction and mayhem, Blair tried to tame a beast....I mean, there are so many things we aren't told. Maybe he had a decision to make , stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Still a pair of arses though. Domestic policies corroborate that, let aloneTB's foreign sojourns.......
Yeah great, while he was jerking off dubya, he was lying to us, the country he was meant to be looking after and leading into a brighter future.
Education, Crime, Health, Defence, Europe, the list goes on and on and ******* on.
He and his cronies have sold this country down the river. Don't ever forget that
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