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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Mincemeat, Jul 13, 2006.

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  1. I heard that a certain T boat will be visiting Liverpool's new X berth for a jolly! It bet's the usual FasDrain run! No offence those whom are drafted up there. I shall be joining the Boomber Queens shortly...
  2. You think Faslanes bad, try Cambelltown! It was OK in a conventioanl when you could use the town pier but crawling back to the NATO jetty takes some of the fun out of the run.

  3. I may have stated it as FasDrain but I am actually looking forward to moving up there. I think coz I am gona live in a city again and having a new draft is making it look a lot more appealing...
  4. Campbeltown has changed.
    I was there a year or so ago, and Woolworths is now open on a Sunday!
  5. Campbeltown was a great run ashore if you visited in a small ship, but could be a right lively evening were you berthed alongside in a Frigate or above. If I remember correctly, all the locals used to love coming out to have a 'face off' with jolly jack.

    Apologies in advance, but most of them on that island all look alike and do high sixes. :)
  6. Mincemeat

    Why do you think you are going to a city, Helensburgh is a large village. Glasgow, full of stroppy Jocks, is a hours drive. It is the cold and wet back of beyond.

    How do I know I was there when they built the place in 1966. I was there two weeks ago to visit my brother who lives ar Kilcreggan on the other side of Gareloch and have made many visits in th past 40 years.


  7. Island?

    That would be the British Island, then.
  8. Bit like a few of the peaple in St Budeaux then :roll:
  9. The big question though is the dance hall still dry?

    And yes I still go there from time to time, usually sailing and it is one of the friendliest harbours in the Clyde.

  10. Peter

    On your next visit proudly wear your dolphins upon your chest and see if the nativs are still as friendly.

  11. Campbeltown --no problem LOL

    Fcuk all else--other than Navy- would visit the place as Peter says the odd yachty aswell.

    Used to do Csst boat transfers from there --- arrive at hotel at 2100 piss up till 0200 then catch the MFV at 0600 for a week as a guest onboard a boat . The ladies were all very friendly too------------
  12. My ex pinched them when she left me.

  13. The whole Mull is actually a very popular holiday area and during the season there are actually a lot of tourists around.

  14. Spent all too many weeks in C'town when I was with FSU. Totally agree - they all wear traffic cones for hats. As a run ashore it is not too bad. Better than Loch Ewe as is the Golf.

    Hurrah for Macrahannish GC :p
  15. Better still tell your ex to visit Campbeltown and wear your Dolphins as they just love Submariners. A win double I think

  16. Now that a good idea!


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