the mighty lusty returns to port

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. Had to laugh when i read the article about HMS ILLUSTRIOUS returning to port twice( can hear the yanks saying" gee man weve got bigger liberty boats than that back in the states" ) was it a major problem like shaft or rudder oh! no? it was the bilge and fridges. Where have all the good stokers gone?/scouse
  2. Do you have any idea what you are talking about?
    Or just trying to get people to bite
  3. good morning danny on our last commission HMS Victorious which was 33 years old we steamed 125000 nautical miles 10000 landings and no unplanned return to port /impressive record for an old lady dont you think? / scouse
  4. Scouse- your my hero. What we need is 30'000 matelots like you and the Navy would be jolly great, just like in the old days, when you had bigger budgets, less commitments, more people, more ships, more jollys.......

    But of course it was a lot harder in your day....... :toilet:
  5. Carefull, Mr Grantham will start on about his Lt Cdr fetish again...
  6. AF

    I do not go back to Scouse's day - remember being taken as a kid to see Victorious leaving Pompy!

    But ..... we actually had more committments and probably less cash (although it was probably a bigger percentage of GDP than it is now and inflation clearly has to be taken into account).

    What Scouse is saying can be translated into civvy life as well. People who are trained to do a job can do it but are stopped from doing it by a policy or contract that does not allow them to do it. If the policy/contract says get the vendors/contractors to do the repars and maintenance all you have left is Operators and not skilled men or real engineers.

    On an FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) VLCC I know of, the company actually had to remove all the workshop gear because any repairs that the crew made (and were capable of doing) could not be Certified so would not be acceptable - not to the Client who was happy but to the relevent Flag State authorities!

  7. airey fairey behave yourself its all about skilled men/ tiffys /mechs and stokers doing self maintanance doesnt that happen in todays navy ? got to go and watch the lads in the SAN SIROS hope we can out do the gooners and remember lads /Lotto is the name of the tube station for the ground best wishes /scouse
  8. Now Scouse,
    Whats this skilled men, seemed to remember you spending most of the time loafing in the crewroom. Well when you wern't putting a bet on if Lester was riding :thumright:
  9. NIce one Slim had a good opening day at Cheltenham with Tidal Bay and An Accordian but know it will end in tears /scouse
  10. Granada TV is filming a 6-part documentary of life on board Lusty (link). Hope it captures the public's imagination half as as much as 'Sailor' did.

  11. That was a joke, right?
  12. naval gazer/ they could squeeze it in between the advert?
  13. Okay, so how about a quarter as much? Let's give it a chance though. After progs like 'Commando Front Line', this old-timer is up for anything that shows modern life in a blue suit in a positive light too.
  14. hope it doesnt clash with the UEFA Champions final at Moscow ill be spoilt for choice?

  15. Sailor produced imagery like this…


    Lusties handful of mighty GR9's don't have quite the same impact.
  16. Wrong aeroplane now but maybe Lusty could inspire:

  17. Change the carrier to the Ark (the old one) or the Big E and the plane to a Buck and you would be talking. In reality the through deck cruiser never really cut it as a proper carrier.

    Hardly worth the effort of a green grenade.
  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm, owing to Defence Budget cuts, it'll probably more like:

  19. You think they will be able to afford the printing on the paper?
  20. Eh, looks like a painting to me rather than a screen grab from Sailor.

    It also gave us Rod Stewart and that fecking song... :threaten:

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