The Mighty 801 Naval Fighter Squadron

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Joint_Force_Harrier, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. Nice Vid Harrier Fags,

    But you still can't pick up te mail!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. My god what happened to my squadron!!
    chockhead801 84-85
  3. Knock out! - fantastic video - reminds me of the spirit of the Squadron over 20 years ago in Invincible (if 'Brave' reads this he will know what I mean). keep it up lads and show the Crabs what FAA Squadron spirit is all about!
  4. Clearly, it moved with the times!
  5. Nice link "joint-force-harrier", all 801 need now are aircraft/pilots of their own and to take their place with the rest of the harrier sqn's insted of mincing around cott/wit with nothing to do except putting black and white everywhere and be 800sqn's bitch.....or will there even be an 801 soon???, but that rumour is for another thread, Naval Fighter Wing? now the joke is starting to look bad, even the crabs don't think its funny anymore. still look on the bright side a draft to Merlin wouldn't be that bad would it.
  6. Great video :lol: Just goes to show the Navy tops all.
    Well done lads and lassies.
  7. the mighty 801 - are you having a laugh they are a small donor unit leeching off 800 because they dont know if they will stand up or not!

    great video really makes you wonder why we have OPSEC and PERSEC but hey, if thats how you want to advertise fair enough

    take a look at the mighty 800 squadron website and whilst their wonder why 801 does'nt have a website!!
  8. Sour Grapes - flynavy? - 'All of one company' remember. Please don't get sucked in by the RAF propaganda machine - 800 and 801 Naval Air Squadrons exist for the common RN good. Anyway, it was a bloody good video that raised the visibility of the RN Sea Harrier (and JFH) and has been extremely well received by those of us at VL who miss y'all.
  9. the WAFUs. The may be gits, but they are the best. Any opportunity to jam this kind of stuff down the throats of the crabs, we should take.

    We need to teach the CRABS a valuable lesson in loyalty, after they deliberately sold the SHAR down the river in order to save their beloved crab sqns.

    More to the point we need to remind them every time that whilst they only managed to bomb various patches of turf in the Falklands with their vulcans, it was the RN that protected the fleet and fucked the argies up.

  10. Just clarify what you're trying to say there mate, not sure i quite get it...

    1 sailor = 10 Crab-fats.
  11. Is it true that the (RN) boy's and girlies at cockwit are turning into crabs? grat issue of carpet slippers and cocoa mug!!!

    If this is true, god help us!!!
  12. I think somebody needs a lesson on Jointery! Hardly suprising that the GRs were not used in the air defence role in the Falklands, since that's what the Sea Harrier was designed for. 801 Sqn will stand up when/ if fully manned but the fact that the RN can't provide the people hardly makes it an RAF conspiracy. Joint Force Harrier is working well, with large amounts of inter-Service rivalry and a few niggles here and there. But I'm sure that 800 Sqn will prove themselves on the GRs in Afg but the Harrier is no longer there to defend the fleet.

    Stop looking backwards, the SHar has gone, long live the GR!!

    Oh yes and I am a crab and proud of it! :lol:
  13. Nevermind ship-mate, we won't hold it against you, and hey, with enough beer and maybe some dedication, you can beat this terrible affliction and come into the light, and perhaps even work with a professional organisation. :D
  14. I have come into the light - the light blue!

    Yes, you're right I should work for the RN and work with a professional organisation - the RAF!
  15. Yes, you're right I should work for the RN and work with a professional organisation - the RAF!

    Fcuking crabfat ******. :twisted:
  16. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    No one's is questioning that the RAF status as professionals, just our view on your "professionalism" ranks you far below the "ladies of the night" :twisted:
  17. RAF_Eng I think you are wrong as I'm sure that a couple of the GRs actually went out with sidewinders on from Hermes.
    btw one of them landed in a catwalk with 3 x 1000lbs on it!

    OP BLACKBUCK - RAF PR at its best, miss the runway then claim the argies moved mirages to protect Buenos Aries, the squadron were moved prior to the raids.
  18. I love it - winding Matelots up on their own forum! About time this forum saw some action!
  19. Perhaps your own Forums aren't that interesting then? Or is is perhaps that deep, deep down you always wanted to be a sailor, but were worried about the facilities?

    Why does it take you and another 9 of your mates to accomplish what 1 sailor can do?

    1 Sailor = 10 Crabfats

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