Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by fido, Sep 6, 2006.

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  1. Insomniacs will know from the shipping forecast and weather reports, that most met forecasts are now derived from automated data stations. What puzzles me is why, in the RN, the Hydrography/Meteorological (HM) branch seems to be expanding at light speed. Naval Air Stations in particular seem to have Met Sections that have more people than are necessary to man a frigate (alright - slight exaggeration) - they call themselves watchkeepers but Met Observers rarely do more than go outside and gaze at the clouds every fifteen minutes - odd when you think that there is a laser cloud reader, whizzo bits of kit that measure rainfall etc and the BBC weather forecast. Met Officers are also seriously weird - clearly failed schoolies, they wrap up their rubbish in pseudo science - frankly, a bit of seaweed and a seamans eye provides more accurate information. It seems to me, that the Meteorological specialisation is living in the 1950's and is an anachrosism that would prove a far better bet for efficiency savings than the front line.
  2. our lot just quote the BBC / internet.

    Leading WREN MET Wincy Willis could do just as well
  3. Who is Wicey Willis? She could be just my kind of gal!
  4. only being a lowly AB don't get much involved with the forcast much beyond "Is it wet outside?", :D I've been in the room when a full met brief was issued durring an amphib ex and I can say the amount of detail was emense even down to the drift of the wind would cause on the landing craft in increments that even I thought were excessive but obviously required.. :roll: probably yes we do need quite a lot of weather bods to pull all this info together gathered from all this hi-tech gumph, to present to our lords and masters in the right way :roll: :roll: so we don't all end up dead coz the landing craft strayed out of the safe channel............. 8O :lol:
  5. Not so much WE all end up dead as THEY all end up dead. Absolutely no intention of leaving hot and cold running water, 6 sky channels, cold beer and a comfey warm bed to go in a cold bumpy landing craft to charge ashore and live in 4" water in a fox hole.

    Horses for courses I guess :wink:
  6. Best thing about the met branch was relieving them of a couple of weather ballons. Could always get a laugh in the mess betting one of the new guys that he wasn't man enough to inflate if using just his lungs. Waited till he got it to about four feet diameter thenpopped it with a ciggie. Amazing just how far the french chalk could go but the inflater got most of it. looks really good on black trousers
  7. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    I believe some METO appointments are filled by Hydrographers acting down.
  8. You are right here - 'Droggies' fulfill an essential function and, in my dotage, I sometimes wish that I had been one instead of a bog standard seaman spec (AV). Met's, however, seem to be the exception - little skill, recorders only and a waste of space - Met services from commercial sources are far superior.
  9. Yasmin say's yeah :roll:
  10. Surely they do more than just the weather? If not then maybe we could poll for suggestions of additional duties they could take on. For example I/C Unbrellas and Warm Weather clothing. :D

  11. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    One of our OOWs is so sh*te she's re-catting to HMO..!
  12. Some of you really don't like other branches do you? Or is it because they appear to have a better number than you?
    As far as Met rtgs are concerned, Naval Aviators certainly need their imput, perhaps thats why they were oringinally an Air branch.
  13. I fell deeply in love with a MET Wren at Northwood, so no, they are not a waste of rations, and the MET officer we had on the Brilliant became a BBC Weatherman..
  14. do you not remember D-Day, thats why met men are needed because of their report d-day went ahead.
  15. Only becausewhis brother was already employed by the BBC. Said Met Man is also still drawing pay as RNR!
  16. Sixty two years ago - the technologly has moved on a wee bit since then!
  17. He was a jolly nice bloke though, he and the Booty officer got pissed in Bermuda and tried to swim back to the ship after a run severely reprimanded by the skipper....we were alongside at the time!
  18. imom,

    How have you managed to manage 464 posts since Aug 7 2006? Presumably the fabulous Northwood Met Wren doesn't see much of you!
  19. Sadly she never saw the part of me i wanted her to see....And posting on here passes the time at work...August is a slow month!
  20. Nice one - how do I go about getting your job?

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