The Medical


:grin: :grin: :grin: Well another hurdle passed, and now on to the fitness test, and as with all stages so far never as scary as you might think. Although when the doctor told me to follow them into a room for a few tests, for the first second was seriously worried until i realised she was the nurse so would not be dropping shorts and coughing.

anyway so far so good, just wish this would all go a bit quicker figure i should be at Raleigh by Christmas at this rate!!


Nice one mate

I've got the medical in a couple of weeks - which Branch are you going into and as what?

Good look with the PJFT - you got a date for it?



ETME(SM) , hopefully submarine service. As with the PJFT, doc has to send the medical report to AFCO with a big "FIT FOR SERVICE" stamp, which i watched to make sure it was done and then they will send a letter to myself telling me to go to the local LA fitness gym to do the fitness test, i did it for the first time on a treadmill and was about a minute under the required time so pretty pleased with that!!

Nothing to worry about, i would not say it was pleasant or unpleasant just a visit to the doc, with a few more questions and stripping!!

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