The McCanns on telly now (Madelaine was here)

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Montigny_La_Palisse, May 7, 2009.

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  1. Snivelling scouse bitch talking about her pain and anguish whilst basking in a bit of attention. Absolutely oozing insincerity.

    Guilty as sin, if not of offing her kid then of being sh1t parents.

    I want to cleave her head in.
  2. Seconded, surprised they could take the time away from having a drink...oh yes that's right there's a camera there and not a child to look after.
  3. Don't mean to sound like a cnut but I think the had just run out of fecking money again because you don't hear from them In ages then all of a sudden it's like "oh I miss her" and "I still have faith" and there's these gullable cnuts that are sympathetic.. You know where sympathetic is on the dictionary? In between Sh*t and syphallus! Can't spell that Lol

    Rant over :D
  4. I'd still give her a sound buggering though...the mother that is...not Maddie...well....
  5. Same, all the way through the programme my hatred for the cnut slowly mutated into an overwhelming desire to smash her asspiece in with my spam hammer while repeatedly punching her in the back of the head shouting "This is what we do to gash mothers!" and then unloading in her face and mashing it all up, face and jizz with a 14lb lump hammer and letting her other kids write "That's what mummy gets for being such a selfish cnut" on the wall in blood, brain and spunk.
  6. They are another that get on my tits .I always say why?did they leave them kids in an hotel room without care and go pissing it up in a foriegn land.they are suppose to be intelligent (arnt they )i do feel sorry that the kiddy is gone but what on earth were they thinkiing of ?
  7. This point has been conveniently over looked by the media as it would quash what, they think, is a great news story. As soon as joe public were to wake up (!) and understand that these parents left their children alone to go for dinner the public interest will wane. Story looses its "edge", media loose readers\viewers, media then loose advertising revenue, story gets dropped. On to the dead donkey story instead ....
  8. And also why has this bloke just come to the fore as been seen after all this time
  9. Like if he is "that" ugly how can he have ben missed. Don't tell me someone has just heard of this case and thought "ooh, I saw this geezer like ...."

    Crikey, if I were the McGann's I'd get a rebate from their PR people. Someone hasn't heard about their poor Madie.
  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    With reference to the pic of the 'suspect' - I don't think it's him. Paedos have beards and glasses; this fella doesn't.

    But what is it with paedophiles having beards and glasses... that makes them so attractive to children?! :shock:
  11. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Father Crimbo...dopey :roll:
  12. But Les, didn't your parents leave you for several long months in a lonely, isolated, cold, windy, grim place in Suffolk where nasty men in very shiny black boots with grim expressions of their faces and loud voices had absolute power over you? o_O Poor Lessy. :crazy:

    As for the parents of the Madelaine child...... :evil:
  13. Does anyone on here think that she maybe alive? its a long shot but you never know
  14. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Anyone noticed that "MADDIE" is an anagram of "I'M DEAD"?! :? :twisted:
  15. I got into a spot of bother the other day, we were all settling down for another rip roaring lecture when someone was checking the news on their phone, oh look they've released a picture of how Maddie McCann might look now..........What covered in maggots with her skin falling off. Deathly silence fell and no one has sat next to me in lectures since!

  16. Never thought of that until you said that.
  17. I had not noticed that either.

    I feel bad for the kid, really do - but the parents are cleary morons, who should never be left in charge of a child. Better to leave them a nice crate of beer and a posh meal. I don't they offed the kid on purpose - but my Dad's theory [they gave her a sleeping pill or something, but over-dosed her and had to cover] is an interesting one. Personally, I just think they're sh1t parents.
  18. They were one couple in a big group who all left their kids, checking on them through the could have happened to any of them....maybe, in taking a group decision, lulled into a false sense of security.... on holiday, relaxed, less vigilant etc ?

    Leaving rugrats alone at night (or any time) doesn't strike me as a good idea...too much of a gamble - at least, what if they woke up and cried / had a nightmare ? Half an hour between checks is still a long time for a little one to find themselves alone in an unfamiliar dark apartment.

    The police in the programme seemed to believe she may still be alive, but local knowledge probably amounts to who actually took her.... it's hard to see a blonde child in Portugal not standing out, or just appearing in a village school one day.....odds are, she's been sold on.
  19. Interesting reading, certainly throws up a few questions.

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