The Masters Golf Tournament

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by yorkieyorke, Mar 31, 2011.

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  1. Don't know if there's any golfer's here on RR? But if there are, who's your pick, I'm backing Luke Donald myself, he's got a tidy enough short game. Although I have a horrible feeling Tiger's going to feature if not win, I personally hope he doesn't :evil:
  2. I usually have a fiver win on three.
    This time it's Westwood,Donald and another European a Swedish/German one probably.
  3. Love the game, not sure this year, Mickleson is out of form otherwise I'd have put my money on him. Woods I don't think will feature, he seems to have 1 or 2 decent rounds per tournament but not 4. If I were a betting man my cash would be each way bets on:
    Non-Eurpoean: Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler. Brits: Justin Rose, Lee Westwood & Ross Fisher. My outside bet would be Sergio Garcia.
  4. I think Donald's the best chance for a Brit, don't think Westy or Rose have got the short game for Augusta. Although obviously it would be nice to see them win. I recon Kymer might be in with a shout, or maybe even mcilroy. Pretty certain if it's not Woods that wins then it will be a European. I hope so anyway :)
  5. Stricker is looking good. Donald would be up there BUT his driving isnt that good, BUT if he puts his tee shot in the fairway, his irons are spot on. Watney is being talked up and of course Phil played very well last week and is coming into some real good form. Some pundits are yakking about Bubba, but he is too wild off the tee.

    To win the Masters this year, you have to be long off the tee box AND hit a high ball. The greens will be firm and fast as the weather is warmer this year. Euro's in with a chance.......Rory and Lee get my vote.
  6. Golf ? Love it !. I am with yorkieyorke on this one. Luke Donald for me, Tiger is not in my calculations
  7. On TV here, golf channels "Morning drive" where 2 journos go yak yak yak for hrs and blow things out of all proportion.......they are ranting about Poulters "comments" about Tiger.

    These journo twats usually come in 1 of two fields.

    One lot ask dumb questions and then the golfer scratches his head and you just know what he is thinking............Did that twat really ask me that............The other lot ask a loaded/baited question and get the answer they really wanted........and then blow it all around the media tent ie Poulter. I know there are similar correspondents in the politico world too. Should be hoisted on their own pittards. *******. Poulter loves baiting the *********.............just had to get that off my chest. Sorry.
  8. Know what you mean with them - they'll be referring to this then: BBC Sport - Ian Poulter rules Tiger Woods out of Masters contention
  9. IP just baits them and they bite'd think they'd twig by now, but noooooooooooooooo
  10. Haven't the BBC lost out on coverage?I notice Fridays coverage is one hour of first day highlights!
    I rarely watch the BBC but mutterings at the golf club yesterday was angry.
    Still someone has to save cash to pay for Bloody Brucies wig,Linneker,Hansen and Shearers depth of footballing knowledge plus plenty to spend on cooking,skating,dancing programmes not to mention sending hundreds of staff on jollies and hundreds of millions on placing staff oop north.
    I really think it's time the BBC went card viewing like Sky.
    I don't want to pay upwards of a £200 a year for programmes I rarely watch.
    ITV is not much better though,I pay for Sky because out in the sticks I can't get Freeview or ordinary channels but Sky is the best for variety especially the Military channel.Rant over back to Polly Toynbee and Comedienne Joe Brand on the Beeb.
    Isn't that a contradiction in terms Joe Brand comedienne?or an oxymoron?
  11. Donald's chances have now gone after winning the Par 3 comp yesterday!
  12. Chaz I hope your wrong! Donald rallying, -1 after 16 still right in there so long as mcilroy and yang come back to the field tomorrow. Apart from poulter the Brits have been fairly steady, and Sergio Garcia was very impressive.
  13. Day 2 starts in 5 mins. 3pm to 7. 30
  14. Augusta Ga

    We always enjoy watching the Masters, as the wife's sister lives in Augusta, so we feel close to them in a way.
    And always nice to see the Azalea's & Rhododendron's in bloom too though did you know they cover them all with plastic bags and pump them full of dry ice to hold the blooms until just before the Tournament starts...and when I went every fairway was like the best greens I've ever played on.....fingers crossed for Rory.
  15. Gallah! good tip, will it work if I cover the wife with dry ice until I come home from the pub,might hold her bloom!
  16. After the leaders finished it was tiger, tiger and more tiger........dont these plebs on tv get it how feckin boring that is
  17. 3462.jpg 3462.jpg 3462.jpg 3462.jpg

    Not that boring
  18. Bloody hell Rory. That collapse makes Greg Normans look puny. Without doubt, the best back 9 finish I have ever seen.
  19. To Birdie the last 4 holes was stunning, thoroughly deserved to win.
    They say you'll always have a bad round during a 4 round comp, it's how bad that round is that defines your finish, Rory's was truly dreadful, he'll learn from it and come back stronger & he's only 21.
    It was nice to be reminded why I like Tiger's golf too.
    As always, a great tournament.
  20. Read in todays rag, (St Pete Times), a right slagging of CBS's commentary and to be truthful they deserved it. Faldo is OK, no Johnny Miller, but the rest, (apart from Feherty) are truely woefull. But and the 2 ozzies AND Luke............WOW.

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