The Marines go in !!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by whitemouse, Apr 6, 2010.

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  1. Good effort cloggie, the real joy though is to read the comments at the bottom, some of my favourites:

    We used to have people like that, in the days before H. & S. !
    - Alan, Sutton Coldfield, U.K., 06/4/2010 15:55

    At last, just what the world was waiting for - ACTION! Good on the Dutch! They are obviously not held back by limp wristed politicians, such as the ones we have in Britain - of ALL parties.
    In the past, our forces would have been the first to carry out actions like this, now we leave it to others and shout for help from the USA.
    Too many do-gooders still living in this country.
    - Andy, Lincs, 06/4/2010 15:49

    Royal Navy....nowhere in sight, hiding away in indecision and PC lol
    - Laurence, Derbyshire UK, 06/4/2010 15:46

    Well done the Dutch, shame we don't do anything like this any more.
    - ronnie, what used to be England, 06/4/2010 16:20

    A truly genius readership.
  2. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    I wonder how long it will be until someone ascribes some significance to the ZIM containers and weaves a conspiracy theory as to the reasons for prompt action.

    MLP wrote

    The ignorance grips me too. It rears its head on ARRSE and to a lesser degree, RR.

    Typical Wail reporting too,


    CO Tromp to i/c Marines, "and when you get there and have turned off the engines, tell the other warships what we are up to. I can't be arrsed."

    Cock. The Admiral is British (for those who don't know).
  3. Rear Admiral Hudson I believe?
  4. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    The very fellow. Criticised by the graduates of the Wail Warfare College who say that he's not much good working out of Northwood, thousands of miles from the action. FFS, he could be 50 miles off Somalia and still thousands of miles from the action. The size of the oceans and how long it takes even a greyhound of the sea to cover 500 nm and the concept of constabulary operations is beyond the comprehension of the Wail readership and others.
  5. Don't let the Wail readership know that. The sound of exploding heads as they grapple with the information will eclipse the general election news.
  6. If you look at the pictures again, how the funk did they get down off those containers! 8O
  7. Folding windmills, ever resourceful are our clog wearing brethren.
  8. Haaha, ingenious Monty!

  9. Sssshhh !! It's secret, if they tell you, you will have to be killed !! :wink: :lol:
  10. You can of course flip this right on it's head when it comes to the bone commentators who posted under that article, for instance:


    Good on the British! We used to have Marine's who did that, until health and safety and a weak government stepped in. Now all we do is guard the Dutch EFI and conduct SOF's. It's an outrage that the British are fighting and we just sit around doing nothing.

    Dik Berger, What used to be the Netherlands, 7/04/10


    We used to have Naval personnel like that, until health and safety and a weak government stepped in. All the while this is going on, where are our Navy? Nowhere to be seen.

    R.Etard, Alkmaar, 7/04/10
  11. Regards the article.

    For "abseil" read 'Rapid Rope', a quicker method of getting shooters on board from a helicopter.
  12. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    There are now a couple of posts on the Wail's comment page pointing out the gaps in the readership's understanding of the problems and solutions, capabilities and vulnerabilities, differences and similarities.

    The ignorance of Joe and Josephine Public is staggering. Informed by Holywood, Joe public seems to think that technology and Jack Baueresque brutality and making up the rules as we go along are the answers to the problem. What a bunch of quarterwits.
  13. Oh dear oh dear oh dear, I find myself forced to agree with you. Classic wail stuff were wimps and any one else is rambo. I note that at the time they were unable to explain just how the Chandlers should have been rescued when they had kalashikovs stuffed in their ears.

    On this occasion the ships crew were safely in a psecially created citadel within the ship making the rest of it a free fire zone for the cloogy marines. Was it not the Wail that a short time ago published the comments that the Cloggies had too many gays in the military to be effective.
  14. HMS Cumberland Nov 08

    "After various non-forcible methods failed to stop the fishing vessel, a Royal Marine boarding party was despatched in rigid inflatable boats from HMS Cumberland to intercept the vessel. The boarding party boats circled the vessel in an attempt to encourage it to stop. An exchange of gunfire ensued during which two personnel believed to be Somali pirates were shot and killed in self-defence. The fishing boat's crew surrendered, thus allowing a compliant boarding.

    A Yemeni national was also found injured and later died, despite receiving emergency treatment from HMS Cumberland's doctor."


    HMS Portland June 09



    Not yet the safe and successful rescue of a ship's crew that we would all like to see, but give it time.
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Long time no see Harry. Good post.
  16. I have one of those panic rooms to escape her indoors at Finknottle Towers.

    Good on the Cloggies but as stated by another learned member circumstances allowed them to go in with no risk to the crew.
  17. I note you have been given a "thumbs down". I hear their voices from here: "Bugger, the voice of reason and actual knowledge. How am I supposed to get angry and feel alive now? Gahh, broken Britain! Gaah!"

    The ignorance of the Mail readership is absolutely staggering, it's as if they actually choose to ignore truth and fact so they can revel in anger.

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