"The man in the brown shirt at the back..."

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Guzzler, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. Wonderful.

    So much for the 'eloquent intelligent Cambridge educated'...err...racist.

    "Do you deny the Holocaust?"


    "But here is a quote where you did"

    "Yes, but..."

    ...repeat until sleep...

    Surely that must be goodbye Nick and his cretinous followers?

    I feared he may have done better, but he made himself look the fool he is. 17000 years to be a real 'Brit'? Arse.

    I thought Bonnie and the Asian tory (spit) bird were excellent at making him look so incredibly small. Bonnie's constant back to him was a wonderful touch.

    BZ BBC.

    Bye bye BNP surely?
  2. "17,000 years" had me almost losing bladder control,

    What a total cnut
  3. You say that like it's a bad thing.

    Cracking show though eh? Surpassed my greatest expectations.
  4. Only made the second half due to pub but there's always BBCiPlayer.
  5. Glad griffin came on. What a pratt. How anybody could vote for him beggers belief.
  6. Ha!

    The first half was best.

    But then again we're used to that.
  7. Exactly johne.

    It's only by letting such idiots expose themselves that people can make proper judgement.
  8. Only in Cheltenham... oh, hang on 2nd half was better
  9. He did show a distinct inability to answer any of the difficult yes or no questions.

    The other panelists did do a great job, he seemed to be shaking all the way through.

    Bye bye BNP :wave:
  10. Yer. In the pub.

    Anyway, back on topic I have, with much research and thought, sussed our mate Nick's profound philosophy.

    I think he doesn't like darkies.
  11. actually its a green shirt ...
  12. :lol: Yes. I was delighted when the comment came up.

    It could only have been bettered by 'the man with the funny moustache'
  13. You ARE Sherlock Holmes and I claim my £5.00
  14. What, you mean unlike our 'proper' politicians then? :happy3:

  15. I've trawled the net and I can't find any references to the "non-violent" KKK that Griffin was on about..anybody got any ideas?
  16. i think the rest of them were just as bad
    anyone of sound mind knows that griffin is a bloody idiot
    and now we all know that the rest of em are lying evasive scum aswell jack straw being the worst, he even buggered himself by saying "the reason bnp have been voted for in europe is because the public feel disconnected from the government" THATS YOU YOU FOOL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT THEN!!!!!!!
    Also i dont think bnp will come out of this badly, this immigration thing is gonna be the stepping stone for bnp because the other parties are scared of bringing it up.
  17. If only Jack Straw hadn't wavered on the immigration question the show would have floored the BNP for ever. Had he admitted in some way that present policies may have driven voters towards the BNP the complete mastication of Griffin would have followed.
    I loved Bonnie, she wasn't taking any nonsense, but Jack let the side down. He should have been more forthright and less evasive, he'd have been given credit for that.

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