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The Malcolm cat society - Cyprus


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The Malcolm cat society was started in the mid 1980's by Malcolm C.P. Stevenson. Originally founded in Limmasol, a few years back was transfered to an area just before Akitori.

Funding this sanctuary on a yearly basis can cost up to £12k Cypriot pounds a year, therefore, the volunteers and founders relay on organised car boot sales, donations and other events planned throughout the year.

With the help of a lot of Ex-pat volunteers and the British forces from Akitori, this small yet friendly sanctuary already stands out from the usual Cypriot foundations, being that they abid by the EU/UK rules more than that set in Cyprus.

So what is this post doing on RP?

I recently had to re-home my cat and couldn't find a suitable place until I gave The Malcolm Cat Society a call, even though they had no room, they offered to take him on board. From the loving care of each volunteer and regular weekly visits by the local approved vet, he has settled in nicely.

You can even sponsor or make a simple donation to help run the costs of this outstanding society;


One of the most rewarding ways you can help the Malcolm Cat Protection Society is through sponsorship.

From anywhere in the world, you can help by 'adopting' a cat or sponsoring the treatment of some of Cyprus' more needy cats. Sponsorship is like making regular donations which are used for a specific needs of the sanctuary or it's needy cats.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or use our contact us page and we will be in touch with details of sponsoring.

Give a Cat a Home!

Alternatively, you could always help us by providing a home for one (or more!) cats or kittens.

So if or when you relocate to Cyprus, why not drop in and see if you can lend a hand??
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