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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by higthepig, Mar 19, 2006.

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  1. How pc have we become? Binmen to get lessons on how to talk to gays,you could not make it up,how many conversations between a glasgow binman and a cross-dresser for example can you imagine?.
  2. Oh I dunno - I reckon most Jocks are cross dressers - they just have us believing that kilts aren't skirts. Then again, the lessons for binmen could come in handy in Brighton
  3. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Ah Geoff - so Wessex (in the royal sense, can't remember if he(she) is Duke or Earl) is the most macho guy going?

    I believe that your clergymen down there wear long dresses- (known as cassocks.)

    Still, as a naval chap you will know about the rum, bum and lash?
  4. can you reall tell if someone is gay by the way they speak?.
  5. Exactly HOW are you meant to talk to gays? Do they speak another language? Do they only converse about binman and wearing outlandish clothes in the clubs. Do they have completely different ideas on life than those of straight people. Apart from the obvious of course. ;-)

    Just about every gay person I have ever spoken to has discussed many of the same subjects as myself and apart from the fact they may say 'partner' rather than wife, could be the 'only' reason to question their sexuality.

    More PC madness in my view and I hope that any gay binman out there is also going to be taught how to converse with us straight people!
  6. Ah yes, but by the time I'd left, they'd got rid of two of those and the third was frowned upon!
  7. What's wrong has that rabid right wing rag run out of material to bash Labour with?
  8. Miss Whiplash will be disappointed to hear that 8O Obviously she can only ply her trade with MPs and no longer matelots. I suppose the not so very few, old, sadistic NCOs are offering their services to paying customers these days? :)
  9. "What's wrong has that rabid right wing rag run out of material to bash Labour with?"

    finknottle my old son, at this present time labour don't need any help from any newspaper, it is in self destruct mode. All we wait for now is to exchange Teflon Tony for Tory Blair (Cameron)
    1st time ever, who the fcuk do I vote for now?
  10. Well said sir ,totaly agree
  11. I'm confused as to why binmen need to talk to the bummers anyway. I can safely say I have never seen my binmen let alone talk to them, just see the crap they leave in their wake.
    Always thought that it would be a good job though (binman, not faggot), money for old rope so to speak. The money would be better spent on training them not to drop most of the shite on the paths and get it in the truck.
  12. Don't have that problem in Oz. We got wheely bins and it's a one man operation. Claw comes out the side picks up the bin, empties it and places it back in the upright position on the footpath ( well sometimes) and there is no mess
  13. Yes they speak gaylic

  14. In my area in the Smoke, it is illegal (as is about everything else !!) to leave your bin (or bag) outside your residence, that is if they supplied anything at all.
  15. They have wheely bins in Glasgow too, as they do in the capital as well. We haven't solved the no mess bit though as the machines we have seem to be able to lose some rubbish every time. Perhaps it is because we are not upside down.

  16. It all sounds like another way of wasting Council Tax payers money to me. You don't have to look far to see other "Elected" officials wasting our money because once they're in, they can't seem to help themselves.

    It's a shame they don't work on a points system where they get points added for doing good stuff and lose points when they come up with stupid ideas such as this one. They've probably made is a disciplinary offence for the boys on the bins if they don't "Embrace" this new policy.

    Sounds like another bunch of daft lefty fluffers - and I'm not talking about the Gays [are we still allowed to say that word] here!

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