The Magic Appearing Poppy

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by chieftiff, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Ok so I was bored at lunchtime and starting reading The Daily Mail on the net. An innocent story about Huw whatever his name; the BBC newsreaders' magic poppy..............and then I read the comments and picked up on these two clowns:

    I never wear a poppy. I don't disapprove, but I dislike those bullies who feel that I MUST do what they do. At this season, every shop and street corner on my patch is occupied by someone eager to exercise the old emotional blackmail for their own satisfaction.

    - Sean Shalor, Coventry UK

    Hang on - surely we can choose whether we want to wear a poppy or not. Want happened to personal liberty?

    - Maureen, Port Sainte Foy

    WHAT THE HELL WENT WRONG!!!! Do we no longer teach our kids what the poppy is for, why we wear it, why we donate to the Legion or has it just become another political symbol, the rejection of which "shows our free thinking liberalism"

    Oh and given the headline of todays papers surely we can find out who these people are and explain to them why I for one will always participate in supporting the fallen who have given so much.

    Rant Over :evil:

    Edited to add link:
  2. Perhaps these cretins should be reminded that their so called personal liberties were not a gift but hard won by people laying down their lives.
    However they are allowed to have their opinions, just one of the things that the poppy represents
  3. Sure his name isn't spew because thats what he makes me feel like doing. It seems like a good idea to give the BBC the boot because it doesn't seem very British any more. Maybe it is now controlled by non-British but whatever it is it isn't good for the Old Country. What a mob of *astards

  4. The BBC p**sed me off this morning. Totally off Thread; a bandit has been shot during an "alleged" (the BBC's word) armed robbery. The policeman who slotted him was the same one that took out the Brazilian man on the Tube at Stockwell. The BBC seem incapable of mentioning the unfortunate Brazilian's name without adding the adjective "innocent". This is the same BBC that reported on the Science exhibition held in Buckingham Palace and couldn't resist mentioning that one of the presentations was about parasites. Apparently, according to the Announcer, the location was so apt!

    That said, the BBC is a great thing to have but some of its drones need kicking, hard, now and again.
  5. Wasn't he innocent?
  6. Off course they have the choice to wear or not to wear a poppy, just as we have the choice of what to think of them depending on the choice they make. Of course most of us who do wear a poppy do so not out of some feeling of moral blackmail, but instead out of a deep feeling of respect, and thanks.

  7. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    and Maxi, regardless of wether or not we like the Poppy seller!! :lol:
  8. And as they say there are a fair number that I wouldn't crawl over to get to you CT, with all respect.

  9. Innocent of being a terr and, if you want to push the point, unarmed: as the apolitical BBC reminds us at every opportunity.
  10. Ugh, it makes me so sad to think that someone would even want to write about their pride in not wearing a poppy. If you don't want to, fine, but at least realise that the reason you have a choice in the matter is because people laid down their lives for the country we live in.

    All the Old Boys i see are so grateful to see me wearing my poppy. Isn't it worth it even just to make an old man smile?
  11. Many years ago when I was at school we were taught what wearing the Poppy meant and what it symbolised. I don't think they get taught anything like that anymore. Mind you a fair few of my teachers were ex-military. We learnt the poem 'In Flanders Field'

    it ends......

    [align=center]If you break faith with us who die
    We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
    In Flanders fields. [/align]
  12. The pathetic insignificant tosser is probably only trying to get noticed ... and what do you know ... it worked.

  13. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

  14. Added a comment - bet it doesnt make public viewing though.

  15. I am a Poppy Collector we do not approach people and demand money for poppies, just stand or sit and hope someone comes and donates to the appeal.

    I would love a tosser like that to approach me I am at Wimbledon all week if you know one.

    Can't miss me 6 foot 2 inches 17 stone ex Royal Marine
  16. Good on you!

    My Post on the Comments section (for post read Rant) said along the lines of they should be ashamed of themselve calling poppy sellers bullies or did the 60 milllion lives paid in WWII deserve to be called emotional blackmail - and asked how they slept at night, and that there is certainly no such thing as "free" speech cos we paid for it in blood.

  17. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    It's only at moments like this that you realise how unfair life really is :(
    Why couldn't some little ASBO waving shit try and steal your poppy money, you could sell tickets, I'd come to Wimbledon to watch :lol:
  18. But amongst all the bad news stories, there is at least one feel good story here:

    Poppy Man
  19. I would pay to see some little shite try and steal the caretakers poppies or money, it would be fantastic watching an ex-Royal rip the insides from them. :)

    We have a guy at Collingwood who collects all the used poppies from people and takes them over to the war graves to place on as many as he can. Nice touch.

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