The M6 Toll

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Shakey, Jul 3, 2006.

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  1. It's common knowledge that the M6 toll is a private road, and everyone assumes that there's no speed limit on it.

    However, I've heard that there's now police on it with speed guns nicking people for putting their foot down.

    Does anyone know the true legal status of the M6 with regard to speed limits? Can the people who own the M6 use the police to enforce a speed limit if it actually is a civil matter?
  2. I think the road is technically leased to Gordons chums in return for the toll money so it is technically a government controlled road even if some one else actually owns it.

  3. There've been police on it since it opened.

    Trust me

  4. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I think the road is owned by the Guvmint and operated by the people who built it on our behalf (after all, the Guvmint works for us doesn't it?). Therefore it is subject to all the normal rules associated with driving including speed limit enforcement by PC Gatso or his much rarer cousing the lesser spotted PC Plod!
  5. Shakey

    Using your logic any toll road, Forth Road Bridge, Dartford River Crossing etc. are not subject to the Road Traffic Act in its various forms. A Road is a place to which the public either on foot or in any sort of vehicle have regular access and subject to the RTAct.


    PS As for everyone assumes there is no speed limit, I have used it many times and most keep to the unofficial just under 80 limit. Any one who thought it was up to 242 mph or what ever the fastest Top Gear reported car is must be a total dipstick
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    What speed were you clocked at Shaky?
  7. I haven't been clocked on it, I rarely use it anyway.

    I'd heard the police were clamping down on it and I just wondered if it was strictly legal. There have been cases in the past where the police have tried to prosecute a driver on what has turned out to be private land and the prosecution has failed.

    Just had a PM from another member to say that the M6 toll is covered by a specific Act of Parliament and is therefore covered by the Road Traffic Act.

    I know many matelots and booties use the M6 so I hope this topic is of interest.
  8. The M6 Toll is a public road and subject to all the provisions of the Road Traffic Act, including national speed limits. There are many structures that are built under PFI but remain subject to the law of the land despite being funded by the private sector.

    Maxi_77 is closest to the situation - it has been built on behalf of the Government. 'Leasing back' effectively means that the 'Leasee' can impose its own rules and conditions of use to the customer, such as the Road Traffic Act.
  9. Haven't seen cops on the M6 toll itself, but have heard of them taking a phot when you enter and when you leave and working out your average speed from that.

    The obvious solution (which I always do!) is to stop for a cup of coffee at the services in the middle of it!
  10. This is not the Toll enforcement cameras but something else called SPECS, which is fitted futher down the M6 last I saw, for up to date locations check

    However it is technically possible for them to do this with the equipment they have so I dont rule it out in the future.
  11. the M6 is governed by the same rule as any motorway in uk, as for the police the m6 toll is an easy target as its very quiet, and ppl will put foot down, there is speed cameras, they are on the bridges.....if in doubt. stay legal

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