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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Crab_Driver, May 18, 2006.

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  1. I feel somewhat let down that this did not make the 6 o'clock news tonight.

    Five of our finest come home from paying the ultimate price and it doesnt get a mention. Well they will not be forgotten nonetheless.

    Rest In Peace and may their families take comfort in the pride of a nation.

    "Step forward now, you soldier, you've borne your burdens well,
    Walk peacefully on Heaven's streets, You've done your time in Hell."
  2. Just goes to show how much our Govt really value our Service Personnel!!!
  3. Cheap shot against the Govt there. The right people do value service personnel and did pay their respects in the right place.
  4. Right enough. News exposure is not the government's remit, but who exactly are the right people? Comrades? Family?

    The electorate of this country are the ones who should value Service personnel who are put in harm's way, to use the American idiom, but they (we) voted in this pile of ordure knowing full well what they were capable of.

    I think that Andym speaks for many in commenting that the return of our dead should be bigger news.
  5. What’s changed? The politicians and civil servants could not give a dam as long as they are not in the firing line and their gravy train and trough are not disturbed or threatened. If I had my way they would be first up against the wall.
  6. I trust that you are alluding to the Senior Civil Service because as a civil servant I DO give a dam, as do all the other civil servants I have worked with over the last 12 years and we are very grateful. In my last post the front line went out of their way to thank us for all the hard work we had done for them and that meant a great deal to us in the office.

  7. Yes you have it correct, and where do all these chinless petty wonders come from? Of course the same public school (with tie) that daddy went to. Spoon and silver come to mind.
  8. I will repost something I posted on arrse recently after people started whining about civil servants.

    "As a MOD CS, (and Stab Fish Head) currently working in the Sand Pit, I'd like to say that not all CS's are total cnuts.

    I'd suggest the grading system reflects the old days, when promotion was very slow and people hitting C2 / C1 usually did so after the same length of time as their military equivalents and had a good range of experience. For better or for worse that sytem has changed and the opportunities for faster promotion exist for those who take it.

    That said there are plenty of idiots out there who think they're some kind of "Captain" or "Colonel" and I take great pleasure in telling them their place. I'd point out though that on a recent Army run course I was called "Captain Jim", to which I replied, I'm "Mr Jim" - cue significant sarcasm for the rest of the course from the DS WO2 who clearly found my wanting to be called "Mr" hard to deal with. My own line is simple, if you want to call me a rank then call me my military rank (and then only when I'm in uniform) that I have EARNED through bl**dy hard work (and no this isn't the place for a debate about full or part time ranks either). Otherwise I'm just a plain "Mr". Its also fair to note that the Army is not exactly a bastion of meritocracy though, I've met some highly stuffy idiots of all ranks who think that because they have a commission they are some form of deity.

    I'd also point out that times have changed and many civil servants are now voluntarily deployed on ops. Personally having spent a significant period of time in MND(SE) at my request, working significantly longer hours than many of the forces personnel here (not trying to get a rise, just stating a fact), and having been mortared on a regular basis along with everyone else, then I'd suggest that snide comments about MOD being jobsworth are not totally appropriate. We are out here too, and certainly in my case I know that when I get home I'm likely to be mobilised for the other Sandpit in the near future. Just bear that in mind the next time you start slagging off CS's. "

  9. I yet again agree exceptions may abound but just one word springs to mind `Whitehall` enough said.
  10. As I am "Whitehall" you may want to rethink that :)
  11. Got a nice comfy chair?
  12. Sadly not!
  13. I am afraid I must say that Whitehall seems to be out of touch with the real world time and time again, it has been so for donkey’s years hence the ivory towers name.
    This is just a thought; the civil service has been its own worst enemy it always seems to feed the media nice juicy headlines that are not exactly flattering (sometimes unwittingly) at times it looks like it is hell bent on being portrayed as the yes minister/prime minister TV series .
    Also the civil service seems the uncanny knack of attracting the P C, do-gooders, bleeding hearts, mini Hitler’s, jobs worth etc brigade (I don’t know why) and they more than most hit the headlines.
    All in all I think the civil service has a massive PR problem, I have no idea how it can be addressed it will take a lot more than spin to solve.
    I could say a lot more but enough is enough for the time being, would like to know what you think?

    Ps what is a MOD CS?

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