The lost generation

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Oct 7, 2011.

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  1. In my teenage days jobs were 10 a penny, wrap in your job walk into another the next day, today it is so fcuking difficult for youngsters to have any opportunity to find useful employment, fcuk me just look in the Newbies forum about waiting times for entry. My escape from the shithole council estate and care home I was brought up in was entry into the pusser at 15. Not done too bad for myself but despair of the youngsters trying to escape from situations similar to my own unable, through no fault of there own, to achieve anything worthwhile in their lives before they start breeding, thieving and fcuking up the rest of their lives.
    Maybe the wrong thread for Lils but fcuk me if I hadn't joined pusser I wonder were the fcuk I would be now and if my virgin arse would still be intact???

    PS - been down the Legion, boring cnuts, mostly National Service and hangers on smelling of piss and talcum powder.
  2. Nice post stan. Joined at 16 with fcuk all qualifications from school and often wonder where i would be now if I had not joined.
  3. Great read Stan,

    I won't rumble on about the wait, but i will say people generally miss one point with the waiting times IMO, and that is how hard it is to stay out of trouble, going out on the town has its risks, driving has its risks and just sat at home can develop into a storm which could get a newbie into sticky situation.

    Yes its simple, keep your nose clean, but lets be honest, with someone being 18 and given a 3 year wait, its a long time to sit in doors and say goodbye to the world and not enjoy youth. I have been in positions like the following, My sister gets leatherd by her boyfriend, he breaks her cheekbone and her nose, now i rumble with rage, but i know if i do what i want to do and break his fucking legs my Application could well be thrown into the bin..I am sat here with blood boiling at the thought of me not doing said retribution, but i also sit here knowing if i breath steadily, think about what a career i could have in front of me, one day he will get his due pain..If i fu*k up before phase one, in Phase one or any other time ill do what i should be doing and rip his head off....

    Other than that ill just hold tight and do what i can, which is keep my head down, avoid unnecessary risks and keep dreaming of getting my date!!

    Oh and by the way Stan? Virgin arse? I only applied because i heard sailors like bum sex, am i going to be disappointed?? :pottytrain2:
  4. Rum Sodomy and the Lash - check it out on the web!!!
  5. Have to agree, the RN was a way out for me, from careers office to arriving at Raleigh was about 4 months. Pusser saved me, fact.

    Still drip like fuck though.
  6. PMSL....Oh my, what am i getting into ;-)
  7. A shithole council estate or Crafthole? Now that's a fecking tough choice :thumbup:
  8. I've moved back to the council estate.

    You twat:)
  9. Good thread Stan. I will join in with a proper comment when I have time; meanwhile.... Are you still banned from the Finnygook??:evil3:
  10. If Jack or Royal ain't dripping there's something seriously wrong.
    My wait was about 3 months from entering the RN Careers Office to signing on the dotted at Lympstone. Mine wasn't a hardship background, just bored with civvy street and wanted a challenge. What a daft twat!:laughing2:
    The wait the lads and lasses have to endure these days defies belief and despite their dripping you have to give them a tip of the hat for staying enthused/interested.
  11. Joined at 16, I had good exam results......good home life and good friends. I joined because it was what I wanted to do. We all join for different reasons, I'm just trying to balance the 'argument' at the moment. I agree that some of the 'Yoof' of today are lost, but looking at some of the local 'yoof' here, would I really want them in our illustrious RN. Probably not.......most of them can barely speak a passing resemblance of English and spend most of their free time smoking pot. Not RN material IMHO......
  12. Yes, and that's perfect English isn't it?

    'spend most of their free time smoking pot' - nothing like a sweeping generalisation is there ducky?

    'Great read'? 'Nice post'? It's like the Daily Mail has crashed into Enid Blyton.
  13. too. School leaver at 15, dead end job, crap education, no quals, just waiting to be collared by the 'old Bill' sometime soon....
    On way back from work one afternoon, passed the RN recruiting shop...went in (seemed a good idea at the time....and so it proved) the paperwork, took it home, talked the old man (bless im) into signing off on it....just turned 16 and founf myself at Raleigh. Bumpy first year, but 'the mob' sorted me has been said, best thing I ever done! Never regretted it...lot to be thankful for...particularly when I look back to my peers in a certain housing estate where I spent my formative years....there but for the grace etc.....
  14. Ah Guzzler you should know about the lost generation with a PL11 postcode - Millbrook, Torpoint???
  15. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I also joined up at 16, cant really remember the wait time as I was at a boarding school at the time and also going through the Army join up routine at the same time aiming to be a junior leader if things went tits up with the Marines joining up routine. I think it went quite quick, 3- 5 months from walking into the different careers offices (those were the days) to getting a join up date and having a 6 or so week wait to start recruit training.

    I remember getting a letter from the Army offereing me a start date with the Parachute Regt in the August and one from the the Corps with a start date in the July in the same week. Fcuk having a 12 month or more wait, shit, I managed to get arrested for drunk and disorderly and being a cunt during the 6 week wait, Jeez I'd of really fcuked up on a 12 month wait.
  16. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I was born into a privileged upbringing and for my first ten years thought my nanny was mother. After Gordonstoun was deliberating whether to become a city finance guru, take a gap year or just become the international playboy with a title, I was at a loss. Every Christmas I would sit around the log fire listening too uncle Sebastian's tales. He would reminisce about his time on the waves spinningl tales of daring and debauchery. I was young and very impressionable and it rubbed off on me. Ladies with tadgers, women with tats and rum by the barrel wetted the appetite of a 16 year old and stirred the pants. Hey ho I thought, thats the life for me.

    I'm starting to think my application was mixed up with some chav who had the same name. [​IMG]
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2011
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  17. Unlike Wits I was brought up in a normal household, an average secondary modern school education which I left with 2 O levels, left at 16 and joined the mob 6 months later. Only snag with my hometown was there was an army barracks (since shutdown) and a crab base on the outskirts (since shutdwn).

    My mum was a school cook so I couldn't get out of school dinners and my dad worked in an office London, boring as fuck really so glad I joined up and escaped what would have been a grey life.
  18. Wrecker ya changed a grey life for one in a black seagoing monster??? wtf is that all about???
  19. There are a number of factors involved in this 'lost generation' problem. The economic situation is undoubtedly a factor of it but two others are 'perceived' choice and overinflated aspirations; both have affected the way in which younger people think and (don't) act these days.

    The fallacy of bottomless choice has developed slowly since the advent of Sky TV and accelerated with the rise of online technologies. "Not interesting, switch channels!" has been the default setting for some years now with the young. Don't like what your seeing / hearing? Switch channels and then switch again; they routine ends up focusing on switching rather than whether there is merit in what has been 'experienced. Sustaining interest / commitment and accepting that good things, things that last develop slowly is not a facet of the average young person's take on the world.

    The second, overinflated aspiration, is pushed at them everywhere they look, be it X Factor or the Premiership. Making a difference and finding adventure in an ordinary career are not seen as worthwhile endeavour by most and I'd include kids from good homes with good support networks and role models in this.

    The final nail in the coffin of the lost generation is the constant pursuit of transient consumer goods. They accept at face value the market makers' view that what they have is worth nothing and next to useless despite it being the 'next great thing' only 12 months before.

    The key word here is 'pursuit'. They are totally caught up in the endless chase rather than appreciating what they do have and learning to use it to good effect. You won't get a better example of this than the reaction to Apple's latest version of the iPhone, improved but no headline grabbing changes in design or components. Every other story / review comments that Apple have failed to deliver yet 2 months ago they are telling us that the current model is the best thing since sliced bread. Too many young people buy into the crap being spouted; quite simply, they struggle to think for themselves.

    There are still plenty of opportunities out there even if these are fewer than before. Longer waits and more hurdles means that those who don't fit the above bill will take those opportunites whilst the majority flounder. I bet most of you saying 'there but for the grace of God' on here would have taken your opportunity even if you had had a 3 year wait; the constraints were different back in the day but it's those who take their chances that succeed (which reminds me - congratulations to France on their win!).
  20. Labrum, Interesting post and I would agree with most of the points you have made, probably another issue is the lack of real role models in todays society, X factor freaks, Dragons fcuking Den, Big Brother, I'm a celebrity et al a bunch of fcuking freaks appear to be determining our younger generations aspirations about what and who they should be, ffs most of the males on tv these days are brown hatters (I am not homophobic) females are waif like creatures with fcuk all IQ. I really had nowhere to go at 15 besides crime and drugs thank fcuk for the pusser. I agree about the rugby seems like rugby is going the same way as footie - over paid tossers thinking they are better than they actually are

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