The long term future of the RNR

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by M1113, Nov 9, 2006.

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  1. Reading the current signs I believe that in two years time the RNR in its current form will have drastically changed.
    Given the finanical pressues up to four Reserve Units will close.
    Recruiting has not been good since a DNRES give it to the RN.
    Retention is becoming a greater challenge as lack of training opportunities for some branches are poor. A general disillusion is setting in and far more experience personnel are leaving. The average attendance at some RUs is very low.
    There is a commomly held belief that the RN does not know what to do with some of the branches. FOTR does not seem to have the will or money to provide appropriate training.
    The travel budget for next year is being cut by 40%.
    Some of the RNR does have a vital role, but others I fear do not.
    The Head quarters staff has been so reduced that one person is trying to carry out tasks done by up to four full timers previously. Where will it end?
  2. we're awl doomed! 8O
  3. I heard a buzz that in a few years the only RNR units left will be London, Liverpool, Pompey and Glasgow.
  4. ORT in a coracle off the solent..!!! :twisted:
  5. For the better hopefully - full time/part time Navy is my guess.

    Close them all. Centre training like the RAuxAF in lead schools.

    It was awful even before that. Watch out for the new campaign which starts in Jan (or at least that's what the 'Maritime Reservist' magazine said.

    As you say, varies enormously between specs. Depends how much time the FE can be arsed to put in. A bigger problem is the demographic timebomb as many are due to retire in the next few years - until they raise the retirement age to 60 like the RAuxAF.

    See my comment above.

    They didn't tell us this years budget until over half way through.

    See my comment above.
  6. spoken like a true englishman shakey, although i notice that you've left a token scottish unit in there! :wink:

    I can't believe they'd leave the whole of the south west of the uk with no rtc's, unless they closed them all, cant see them closing the only RN presence in the whole of wales either. Move it maybe, but close it? i doubt it, but i'll stand by to be corrected if i'm wrong! :lol:
  7. And Birmingham is England's second city - most unlikely to lose that one as well.

    Having said that they did close HMS CERES during Options for Change and Yorkshire is the biggest county in England and, with the Leeds/Bradford conurbation hosted the largest ethnic population (Indian sub-continent) in Western Europe at a time when the drive was strongly on for ethnic recruitment to the armed forces per se ... so the planners clearly aren't rocket scientists
  9. Welcome to Rum ration, and your fist post. You don't like doom and gloom do you.
  10. Bet you don't even have a glass, never mind one that is half empty!
    Same old doom and gloom predictions we have been hearing since the cold war ended.
  11. Has it ended then? I thought it was just us being so far from London that we were told nowt in the north.
  12. Has it ended then? I thought it was just us being so far from London that we were told nowt in the north.
  13. After being told at the beggining of the year that so long as the training is GSSR based then it would not be refused we are now being told that we are to expect ALL our training to be scrutinised before being approved. And to expect training to be refused.

    We are also being asked to travel 80 miles to pick up a minibus to drive it 80 miles back to Leeds to use it to go to Portsmouth to "save money".

    You do the maths. 2 ratings pay + petrol to Notts, petrol for bus etc etc etc.
  14. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    You're talking common sense, the RNR is playing by accountants' rules - a totally different kettle of fish :(

    Oi! You been nicking my recruitment ad tagline?
  15. Splendid!

    positive outlook for us all then?
  16. sORRY fw - couldnt resist!
  17. This is a fleet wide (and Armed forces wide) problem not soley limited to the RNR. Banging on about what is wrong will not help. If that was the case we (For Example)would still be bleating on about the fact that we should not have got rid of the MSF's. The doom and gloom merchants predicted the RNR would not survive past 1994 and, funny old thing we are still here.
    We are not in postition to call the shots. If you like what we are being asked to to do, crack on; if not leave your ID card at the gate.
  18. Sorry to tell you this Reallynotrequired, but a large number of people in the RNR ARE still bleating vociferously about the demise of the MSFs and MCM 10. Most are old enough, and senior enough, to know better but still they go on. Appart from that I agree... nothing new on the gloom and doom front, but the majority of the points made in this thread are vaild. What do we do about it?
  19. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Eh, what? Sweepers, gone - when did that happen? You'll be telling me next that they're phasing out the Tactical Communications branch! :)

    In reality, I think you're exaggerating (for a start there aren't "many" people left in the RNR!). Seriously, I haven't heard wholly negative comments about the loss of 10MCM for many years; what I have heard is people using the examples of the type of opportunities previously offered by 10MCM in order to try and identify suitable training in the current environment. The reason that these people are "old enough, and senior enough" is quite simply due to the fact that its over 10 years since the sweepers were lost; if they're still in they will have adjusted to the loss and will by necessity be working within the RNR framework of today, but will be attempting to still apply the lessons they learnt in their formative years to the best of their abilities.
  20. When I was a child I heard the story about the "King's new set of clothes"
    I believe that unless you are honest and brave enough to identify the current problems and come up with a solution, even if the solution is not ideal, then we are deluding ourselves.
    The point about the MSFs ( made by Flagwagger) is well made. WE need strategic thinking now not points scoring or retoric.
    I believe the concept of an RNR is excellent and worthy of our support.
    I am so so convinced currently we have got it right and more worryingly are prepared to face up to this situation.

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