The Lock-Down thread 2020.

This should be interesting Leicester is shut, Nottingham is open, the police will have their work cut out for them, watch the second wave as it travels across the midlands.

I wonder how many people from that area traveled to London recently, for a socially distanced, well behaved protest?

Lots of families commute between Peterborough and Leicester (A47) I can see a spike in P'boro next.

Chris P

Lantern Swinger
The problem is not the many, it's the selfish few, and it will not happen to me as I am bullet proof?
Take a look down here in Melbourne to prove that point, it's all kicked off again in some suburbs:mad: lucky Tassie is still shut!!


War Hero
You can say what you like about social distancing, but it sure as shit put all the East European pick-pockets that once infested the streets of our great country out of fucking business.


War Hero
BOOTWU, I seem to remember that some Germans tried that in Berlin. Are we borrowing their design? And if we are, do we pay Angela Merkel any royalties?
BOOTWU, I seem to remember that some Germans tried that in Berlin. Are we borrowing their design? And if we are, do we pay Angela Merkel any royalties?
I told Boris what you said 'bout reminding Angela - He dropped his Eton accent and confided
"Arrr, 'tis leicester forgets..."

(for Sue = confided/reminded/lest her forgets. Compri??)


War Hero
Just had a few friends over into my bubble. They are all bullet proof officer, no problem?

This has to be a wind up, there is a load in the back garden just filtering through the house?
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