The Little Ships.


War Hero

Interesting find in a Charity Shop rummage. When I have finished with it, perhaps one of you would like to read it and then pass it along?
First PM in my inbox wins and then arrangements for sending it onwards
can be sorted.



Lantern Swinger
Book Reviewer
I love rummaging in charity shops and 'antiquarian' book shops.

If nobody else bags it, I'm happy to take it, obviously at no cost to yourself :)


War Hero
I love rummaging in charity shops and 'antiquarian' book shops.

If nobody else bags it, I'm happy to take it, obviously at no cost to yourself :)
When I've read it, will PM you to arrange a light jackstay transfer and then you can send it on to the next one down.
Sound reasonable?


War Hero
Many, many times. There was often a couple or three receptive ladies to spend a evening with, and I spent quite a few nights on the beach having 'fun', (only in the summer-time)
Being a Woo, the little ship was DTS! Beach Inn, (now sadly departed), or the Cove for a pleasant evening. Weymouth for everything else!!!


War Hero
The book covers the commitment of MTBs and MGBs during the Second World Argument and definitely gives them the credit they well and truly deserve. It wasn't all big ships and submarines.


War Hero
On a serious note. The reason I joined the mob was because of the tales of one of the crew of wartime MTBs. Not that I ever had any aspirations of serving on anything that small but listening to his swashbuckling tales of surviving the war were epic to a young 9-10 year old.
When I joined he was more proud than my parents and when I went home on leave he always brought out the rum and listen to my stories. (Well I mean Ganges was an experience and worthy of a few dits).
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