The little B*stards

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Stefan_grainger, Apr 18, 2009.

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  1. Just had a call while at work to say my brother in laws office has been broken into last night and they have rinsed us, 3 new laptops, Tom Tom and a PC, whats makes it worse is I was asleep upstairs (I live above my brother in laws office) I'm lucky they didn't come up because I would of been fast asleep and god knows what they could of been capable of! I'm guessing it was kids though as they have left cheque books and all the bloody chargers that were plugged into the laptops!

    what a bloody scum bag society we live in! :evil:
  2. Its not very nice... sorry to hear!
    I thought of using an old ATX computer case with nice components inside, makes the thing look like a crap useless slow machine but runs like a ferrari... :D should try doing that in future.
  3. Thieving little scrotes.

    Gutted for you mate.
  4. well they have taken a really old monitor, and left the actual PC which was attached to it they couldn't even give the thing away to a charity shop it was that old and ugly so god knows why they wanted it, the laptops yeah, but that thing was ready for the bin anyway the silly buggers. and to think if they had opened the cupboard door under the stairs they would of found a good few grands worth of power tools so I suppose they were lucky in that sense.
  5. Now, now, that's no way to talk about junior ABs today :twisted:
  6. It's not like I said I live at 23 Woodsville Close, Sale, Cheshire M33 4QR is it :roll:
  7. Highly unlikely, unless it was you! 8O
  8. I was thinking the same earlier on... google the town, find out a break in and usually will find the place easy

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