The Liberation of Paris

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Bergen, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. After an horrific 3 nights in jail Paris was finally liberated by Sheriff Lee [Chew] Baca and returned to her Spanish style villa to recuperate. In a press statement she says that she hopes that everyone has learnt a lesson from her troubles [shurly shome mishtake???]. Chew Baca had been informed by Mz Hilton's trick cyclist that she was having a bad emotional reaction to being confined to her 12' x 8' cell and it would be best to violate the Trial Judge's express instructions that she was not to receive house-arrest.

    There is absolutely no suggestion that Chewy might have been approached by Hilton's multi-billionaire parents and even less suggestion that she might have been treated any differently to any other offender. Yeah right :bball:

    To recap; she was arrested and convicted for drunken driving and endangering others. She was then arrested [twice] for driving her Mercedes with a suspended license and given a 45 day sentence, reduced to 24 days in jail, of which she actually spent only 3 nights behind bars.

    DUI [Driving Under the Influence] is considered a very serious offence in the USA.

    Almost as serious as DWB [Driving Whilst Black] and the even more horrible DWH [Driving Whilst Hispanic].

    Compare the harsh treatment of this slutty, blonde, 'celebrity' millionairess with a really hardened criminal like Genarlow Wilson. This 17 year old high-school honor student and athlete was recently convicted of receiving a blow-job from a 15 year old girl from the same high school. Everyone including the girl and the prosecuter agreed that she had initiated the oral sex at a party but nevertheless the law swung into action and under Georgia Law he was charged with Aggravated Child Molestation, found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in the State Penitentiary with no prospect of parole. He will be classed as a registered sex offender for the rest of his life.

    Unfortunately Wilson was black and poor. Bummer :thumright:

  2. I do believe she has been summonsed to appear before another Court today.Maybe they will actually lock her up correctly this time!
  3. Better still.....before the same judge who said 'no house arrest' and with the same prosecuting District Attorney. :thumright:

    And just to make things even more entertaining - Sheriff Chew Baca has to do some explaining to the court also.

    Watch your fingers.....CLANG!

  4. Follow the money trail.... ^_^;
  5. If only there was some video footage of this!Well done the US justice System!

  6. And Sheriff Chew Baca has to show cause why he shouldn't be held in contempt of court. I hope that he received a big cheque from the Hilton dynasty because this just spelt the end of his career. :thumright:

  7. This just keeps on getting better and better, I hope when she (and her ghost writer) sits down to write her harrowing prison diary (Like that cnut Jeffery Archer :pukel:) that nobody gives a rats arse, small chance of that though. Why the feck people are interested in this airhead is beyond me.
    While we're on this subject though, has anyone else noticed that her left eyelid tends to droop a lot , some syndrome or the other perhaps. ( you'll all look at photos of her now quite differently.)
  8. And to think that G Dubya doesn't understand why people would want to lose their wills to live and buy a McGun and shoot themselves in the head?
  9. I feel sorry for the lad who got the blow job , kinell wheres the justice , that 15 year old was probably more worldly wise than him , fxxxxxxxxg world has truly gone mad , cant believe he got ten years for that ,
  10. You look at her eyes...;-), I didn't think there was anything from the neck up.... (vacuum)... :afro:
  11. Oh god! And just because she is
  12. It's a common condition amongst young blonde American girls NZB.

    I think that she is cock-eyed. :thanks:

  13. Paris must have been laughing. She reckoned before she went down that she would do a few easy days just for show and then Daddys money would spring her, then would come the interviews, TV appearances etc. where she would milk to the max what a hard time she had, but how she was now 'a stronger person' and all that shite :pukel:

    But now reality has set in and she don't like it. But all is not lost. Maybe she will make some nice new friends inside, big ugly ones with shaved heads and tatoos, who will enjoy showing her how to play mummys and daddys (without the daddys) ^~
  14. I've just been looking through the BBC News website, and the article about her return to jail is in the Entertainment section!

  15. As it should be, she's only good for a bit of a laugh at. Screaming and crying in court for her mommy. Well at least one spoilt brat might have actually learned her lesson this time and realised that Daddies wallet might not always be able to save her.
  16. elements of this are most apt


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