the latest in the RAF range

Group Captain Andy Turner, communications director of the RAF, said the merchandising campaign helps promote understanding and awareness.

He said previously: "By associating our brand marks, including the RAF logo, on high-end leisure products, we build up our image around the UK and globally and, just as importantly, bring us to the attention of young people who are the next generation of RAF personnel."

Is it really a good idea recruiting overly affluent chav/chavettes?

Every Front Line Command should have a logo.
There was a legal hiccup when bosses realised shirtmaker Ben Sherman had got their first, and has used the red, white and blue roundel to promote its clothing for years
Their! Their!

This all started in the wonderful bloody '60s. The feckless bloody Mods (as opposed to the feckless bloody Rockers) started putting the Roundel on their kit and nobody said a word. A "fashion house" then cashes in on it and, hali bloody hooliah, somebody in the mad house takes note. Cue silly law suit and the MoD finds itself owning a clothing "brand" and has not a lot of choice but do something with it. Enter the marketeers and the new media/commercialy minded MoD and we have embarassment on a stick. Pray remember that the Roundel is the British military emblem and adornes Naval and Army aircraft equally (this side of low vis).

Selling good outdoor kit like CS95 at Rate Book plus a bit prices might have been sensible but this? Good men (and women) have died for this and continue to do so; but, hey, who the hell cares in kool Britannia?

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