The latest craze.

Too many people taking photos of their arses, or posing in a bathroom's got boring looking at firm, nubile semi-nakedness, so let's get back to better moral values and post nice photographs of a non-sexual nature, in order to reserve our place in Heaven. With this in mind - I have invented the next big Internet Thing........

"The Shelfie"

Just look at it...gagging for an ornament, or a vase of flowers, maybe even a nice set of retro food tins?

God, I'm getting horny - feel a bit of shelf abuse coming on.

Oh God. Look at it, just look at it! A gorgeous
mature version. Thick, simple and short - all
it needs is a couple of jam jars full of coloured
marbles and.....sorry - I'm just looking at those

I've just erupted in my boxers.
Shelves in sheds. Now there's something to keep you going on nights Billy. Think of all the strimmer line hooks, old tins of paint, and flymo plastic blade fingies that could be stored on such. Screaming for it mate.


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Gonna vomit need to vomit ooooo my eyes, can some some get my the bleach. Billy how why and how the hell, do you go searching for those pictures. RR should have a bleach sponsership, with amount we use cause of MrNoMates
Why in the name of the 13 Hell spawned demons of Golgomoth
would you let the world see you like this?

"And now for something completely what-the-fuck?"

Finland-based self-portrait artist iiu Susiraja’s work is not for everyone. She first became publicly recognized when the Finnish Museum of Photography exhibited her in their project room in 2011…
She states: “I photography me because it is the subject I certainly know the best. I make object of myself and my privacy, which is a moment of fame. To turn the privacy as a public is a shelter for me. I feel privacy very painful. When I have been spoken about my art I have mentioned words: the documentation of emotions. My art it is like a playful anarchism with equipment and the rituals of taking back the power.
Everyday life is my muse.”

(i.e. she's a complete and utter fruit bat)
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Has this fat howler placed two loaves of bread under a hat to make sideburns?

Fucking 1830's owner of a Northern mill walt.

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