The late dt018a9667


One of our members has asked me to post some info regarding the late dt018a9667.
dt018a9667's real name was Dominic Thornton-Pett and he was in his early 50's when he died.
Dom was from around the Midlands originally ( not sure exactly where but I remember him talking about the old Austin factory nearby ! ) and we met a few years ago on Trafalgar when she was having her collision damage repaired in Devonport. He was never married ( although he said he came close a few times ! ) and didn't have any children. He was at Ganges and went on to serve mainly on carriers. I think he left the service just after the Falklands ( I think he was on a Leander down there ) and finished as a PO caterer, which put him in good stead for several years in the catering industry working in hotels in Plymouth. Dom was a genuine, decent man and also very intelligent. The sad thing is that because he was quite a private person, nobody even knew he had died until the day after his funeral since he had no relatives down here in the west country ! As far as I know, there has been no collection made in his memory. I'm glad to have been able to pass on a little information about dt018a9667 on a more personal level, but if there is anything else you wish to know, I will try to find out .
Dominic may your particular God be with you rest in peace Oppo.

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