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The Last Stand by Marc Wilson

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Lantern Swinger
Another find in the local charity shop conveniently situated next to the defunct Carnegie Library it’s a great source of interesting material at limited cost.
This one looked rather bland in a subdued grey cover with a title that evoked Gordon at Khartoum or Custer at the Little Big Horn. However it turned out to be no such thing being basically a photographic essay on field defences such as pill boxes and Dragons teeth. Initial thoughts were you’d have to be a right anorak to get into this stuff but the more I looked the more interested I became, here’s a couple of samples of some photographs taken around the Lossiemouth area. Somewhere I had the good fortune to avoid during my brief time in the mob.IMG_7324.jpegIMG_7325.jpegIMG_7326.jpegAnd one more of the remains of some anti submarine defences on Cramond Island Firth of the Forth.
Not everyone’s cup of tea but I found it fascinating IMG_7327.jpegIMG_7328.jpeg
1695931779220.png1695931793012.png 1695931861102.png1695931896229.png An artist did a thing of light art at night, on all the WW2 lookout posts on headlands around the Irish coast. Thought some of them looked well. Last pic, is as they are.
I recollect some time ago signs appearing on the Irish coast (global warming) pointing allied aircraft in the right direction. Much is made of Dev’s sympathy for old Adolf but seldom mentioned is the cooperation that allowed Coastal commend flying boats to overfly the Republic during and after the period we were loosing the war against the U boat arm of the Kriegsmarine.

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