The Last 'Pay Parade' At HMS Raleigh ......

Discussion in 'History' started by soleil, Jan 17, 2011.

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  1. Took place 25 years ago, 16th January 1986; from then on, Recruits' salaries were paid into their bank accounts.
  2. I remember it well!!
  3. I can remember being ordered to have a bank account set up in 1980, so why did the Pay Parade go on so long at Raleigh?
  4. Had you picked your rate up in 1980. The compulsory bank accounts were brought in in stages. When I picked my hook up (1979 I think) I was ordered to have a bank account before I could be rated up IIRC
  5. I remember the full pay parade at Raliegh (end of 85) and then just queueing up at Daedalus in the pay office/stores (Early 86).
  6. We were encouraged to open a bank account during part 2 in Collingrad, although it wasn't compulsory at the time. I personally couldn't wait to stop having to beg for my pay and being scrutinised by the crushers.
  7. Hi Brigham,

    I seem to remember that Raleigh kept it going longer as they wanted to pay new entries and keep the tradition going. I seem to remember changing over in about 1981 whilst onboard the Galatea.


  8. A photograph of Pay Parade at HMS Raleigh ... albeit from 1944, but still ...

    Sea Your History
  9. I was at Raleigh when they changed from "off caps" to saluting to collect pay. Four or five tables in the West drill shed, RPO and POGI at each table. If we didn't get 'em for slack drill or dress, the crushers would get 'em for a haircut.
    Noted from my cash records that my last allotment to the bank was Jan.1974, from Feb. we were paid monthly direct to the bank.

  10. I was with FSU01 in Rosyth at the time, around July 1980 and opened an account with RBS and I can remember getting my first cheque book with lovely pictures on them! Seems an age ago now mind.
  11. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I do wonder how many banknotes blew over the side before Pusser realised that pay was no longer all in coin dumped in the top of the hat!

    The antediluvian nature of the RN's insistence on paying in cash was exposed to me a week after I left in 1971, when one of the first acts at my induction to my new employer was to record my bank details for payment via BACS. This was automatic throughout the company except for some Neanderthals in Scotland who still had to be given cash on Fridays.
  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You mean we're supposed to be paid to be here..?! :shock:
  13. I remember on my first pay day (August 1986) queuing outside the Benbow DO’s office and being called in one at a time, saying our name, rank and number and being given about £36 for my first three weeks training. My second pay went straight into my bank account newly opened with the only bank allowed on site, Lloyds.
  14. Fortnightly.
    Was it Tuesdays or Thursdays? I can't remember now, but the 12 day wait for the next supply of beer chits wasn't as bad as the 24 day wait.

    (AND... I didn't need to concern myself about feeding with PAYD)
  15. .
  16. The other thing I remember about having a bank account in those early days was that you were only able to cash cheques onboard or at Lloyds in the barracks for no more than £20.

    All the queuing as well to get your money from the ships office or bank clerk was a pain in the butt as if I remember correctly they only cashed them on certain days and times. Having to cash three cheques on seperate days to get enough for the weekend was a real drag. =(
  17. I opened a bank accout at Raleigh in Jul 83 & remember getting my first pay in hand, got paid 24 big ones, moved along to the next desk where I handed 20 of it back that I'd borrowed for a hair cut and a shaver, was told to have a shaver even though I didn't need one!
  18. Got a bollocking at Tamar pay office in '78 for cashing cheques for more money than I'd been paid that month

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