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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Feb 24, 2009.

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  1. It seems that this so called labour government plan to sell off a third of Royal Mail. It will be the usual wailing and gnashing of teeth from the gutless back benchers but I am sure it will happen and when it does there will be the huge job losses plus a poorer service. I have always been a political animal but now I struggle to find anyone worth voting for. Dennis Skinner and Postman Pat must be as angry as I am.
  2. If it's dying then privatization may well be the only solution, but either fully or not at all, not partly.
  3. Old news.
  4. Seems odd to me, privatise a National Company and Nationalise the Banks. Where the money goes, nobody knows.
  5. Correct about one hour and 35 minutes old and is that the sum total of your interest?
  6. It does not seem to strike anyone in Parliament as stupid that the British post office might come to be owned by a foreign entity. Even Thatcher refused to privatise the Royal Mail, according to the article. When Tim is summoned to court for being Tim, how should the court papers be sent to him? Using a private firm interested only in profit on an institution that works on HM service? When I want to send anthrax to every address in YO62 6LY, how can I be sure it will get there? We have a problem.
  7. Actually I remember hearing about this in mid-December.

    Here's the link Here it is

    Do you want to suck my dick now or later?

    Here's another article from the beginning of the month K,thx, bai
  8. Do you have electricity in Nether Poppleton?

    As for your question I don't much like Yorkshire dicks.
  9. Good job I'm originally from London then isn't it. When's good for you? Now or later?
  10. Got you there Fink....

    The Post office has a HOLE the size of the Atlantic in their pension fund, and need to plug it, and fast, Selling part of the Operation off to the private invester to plug the hole.

    TNT was if I remember correctly an English company which was sold to the Dutch, they are currently delivering 20% of the business mail anyway, thus taking work from the Post office, or is it CONSIGNIA???
  11. A hole created when the Tory government gave the business a pension holiday, to the best of my knowledge that is.

    As for the hole let the taxpayer stump up again it's got to be better than the alternative IMO.
  12. Don't change the subject,whens yer appointment with Tim? is it a public event?
  13. Well you would say that but if push comes to shove it will have to be later as there is a queue.
  14. Well, if truth be told, I was born in Slough and spent a fair bit of my early life in West-London. Want to see a copy of my birth certificate?
  15. Posties = Lazy c*nts who keep failing to deliver the mail on time when they're not nicking it.
  16. And they pay one Adam Crozier, late of the English FA, a veritable fortune and bonuses for running a failing company. Sound like the banks to anyone?
  17. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    If you wish to get rid of something make sure that it is useless, then nobody shouts. They only called AC in when he was sacked from the FA. What a reference!
  18. I remember staying in a red brick 1950's monastery in Slough (in retreat) when I was still Christian. Ever been to Nashdom Abbey? Is it still there?

    A Ffrench bird has put in a request to suck your knob. If the offer's still open you can find her here.

    Write me me Timmy...

    Meanwhile Hig's French bird looks just the same now as she did in 1956....
    I have to say, he has good taste.

  19. Probably not. I haven't been to slough in a few years. Like I said, I started my early life (from when I cam remember anything) in West London
  20. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Aaaanyway... as much as we would like our 'great' industries to remain nationalised (so long as they are being run efficiently), perhaps privatisation will allow other companies to operate alongside Royal Mail, and offer the same, better (and possibly cheaper) services to the customers. Remember when they deprivatised the Electricity and Gas Boards?

    Heathy competition can only mean a better choice of services available - why should RM have the monopoly on postal services, if they cannot be trusted to run it efficiently? This news will be a shock to it's system and perhaps will then make it reorganise for the better.

    Tragic though that may be for its employees, we as the customers can take some comfort in hopefully getting value for its money - it seems that as the cost of sending mail increases, the quality of the service diminishes. Perhaps this shake up will be the end of the downward spiral, and the start of qualitiy postal services - private or otherwise - available to the customers.

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