The Last Gun Action Surface.

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Bluetot, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. The last gun action surface took place on Tuesday 3 December 1974. A signal sent by the Captain A.P.Hoddinott was relayed to FOSM, Aussie Navy, Canadian Navy and the Yanks and read "The reek of cordite has passed from the Royal Navy's Submarine Service. Last gun action surface conducted at 031330 zulu. Time to first round,36 seconds. May the art of submarine gunnery rest in peace but never be forgotten."
    The gun was Auriga's fitted on the Andrew after refit.
    Hope this clears up a few questions.

  2. Paul was only a Lt Commander at the time, I was there the day before when they did the practice run, to much brass around for me to get on the real thing.
  3. Yes I am aware that he was a LT.CDR. I was on the boat for the whole of the last commission with him and Tim Honnor as captains. I still see him at the Andrew reunions, unfortunately he was in OZ for this years.
  4. Was the spring recoil chamber above the barrel still highly polished? It took me literally hours to scrape it down and tiddly it up. A light coating of grease was applied before going to sea. In Harbour it was the dog's bollox.
  5. Correct me if im wrong but wasnt the final resting resting place of the gun at Dolphin where the pier was. Im sure i read that on a piece of brass placed next to it.
  6. It was, but I believe it is now alongside the Alliance at the Museum. An appropriate place for an A boat gun to be with and Aboat.

  7. The was always kept in good fettle by TT Evans (Fieldgunner see).
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  9. Gadzooks... I've wanked that a few times. Can't recall scurzy Ginge tho'!

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