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The "Lady Evelyn" WW1 minesweeper and the 9th Earl De La Warr


Thank you Naval_Gazer, that's brilliant! And I've copied your #6 into my records for the future.

I'm grateful to you and to all for the help, I've been given. I found this forum by accident but I will return if I have other questions!

You've all saved me a great deal of time - but I've become very interested in the subject and learned a lot. If I come up against any other problems, just like Arnie, I'll be back!

Thanks to all, again,



Okay, one more question if anyone is still there, now that we seem to have found the answer I wanted!

“HMS Kingfisher was the RN Auxiliary Patrol Base” – what exactly was this “Auxiliary Patrol Base”? I imagine it as a land-based concentration of buildings, rather than an actual ship.

“HMS Vigorous was the Auxiliary Patrol Depot Ship” – same question. Was it a ship?

Now, on Herbrand’s (Edward’s) Service Sheet, in the first column, on the left, appear the following;

1 "Lady Evelyn" 19-06-18

Then, below in the same column: -

2 ("Lady Evelyn" 24-09-18
3 ("S.S. Queen Empress" 25-9-18

These are bracketed together, on the left, as I’ve tried to indicate.

Going to the right hand column, on the left of that column, appearing to enclose all three ships, is a large, hand-drawn bracket linking together the three ships above and against that bracket is handwritten the word “Vigorus”

It’s saying, as far as I can see, that, for some reason, the first three ships were connected, in some way, to “Vigorus”.

The three numbers 1, 2, 3 were inserted by me to add, I hope, some clarity to a very difficult to describe document!

If only I could, somehow, upload the document itself iot would be easier but I’ve failed on several occasions and I don’t know why! Sorry folks!



War Hero
John, Please check your message Inbox - see "Notifications" (top right hand corner of the screen).

Sol may have explained this in her PM but where small ships were concerned, service records generally showed:

Name of the naval base/depot ship holding a particular ship's accounts and personnel records - Name of the relevant small ship (known as a tender) in brackets - substantive rating of individual - non-substantive rating (i.e. rank and acting rank if applicable) - Date from - Date to (i.e. relevant period) - Cause of discharge (if applicable).

For example:

Vigorous (Lady Evelyn) - Able Seaman - 1 Jan 18 - 30 Dec 18

An Auxiliary Patrol Base/Ship would have been responsible for several auxiliary (i.e. not mainstream RN) patrol ships and boats such as reqisitioned paddle steamers, trawlers, drifters, whalers, yachts, etc. Even "stone frigates" (RN bases and establishments) were commissioned as HM Ships.


Thanks Naval Gazer,

That is, almost, what I imagined happens. But, between knowing and imagining is a wide chasm - as I've found out to my cost, in the past!



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