The King is Dead

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by rod-gearing, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. In the past people have being asked whhere were they when JFK was shot etc.
    In line with this question does anybody remember where they were when Elvis presley died on this day in 1977.

    I was on middle watch in the stripped out accomodation space on HM S/M Onslaught in refit in Guz working my way through our collection of Penthouse,Mayfair and Men Only mags listening to Radio Luxenburg.

    The dockyard mateys were all tucked up asleep in the empty N01 battery space as per usual.

    The DJ suddlenly announced the 'The King is dead' and started sobbing his little socks off.
    Funny I thought,didnt think Luxenburg had a king but he soon put me in the picture.
    He then played non stop Elvis hits until the station closed down for the night.

    He almost put me off my stroke! :tp: :tp: :tp:
  2. Almost as over-rated as the beatles! [​IMG]
  3. Is he still dead? :?:
  4. Has he left the building?
  5. In a big body bag.
  6. I was on the Devonshire when Elvis Popped his!We had a Killick Steward who was going on summer leave with his mrs to see Elvis,Vegas,Graceland the whole shooting match fair sobbed his little eyes out when tactfully told of Elvis demise "I see Elvis is dead then"

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