"the kind of act that renews your faith in human nature"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by yicker, Dec 16, 2009.

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  1. A supermarket employee who alerted bosses when he was mistakenly paid more than £1m has been rewarded with a crate of beer.
    A spokesman for the firm said "Coming as it does just before Christmas, it's the kind of act that renews your faith in human nature."

    What a bunch of tight cnuts!
  2. I would be halfway to Brazil by now.

    Not with Air France though.

    Or BA for that matter.
  3. Why do these opportunites always present themselves to decent, honest and ultimately achingly unadventurous people. This has annoyed me in the same way that people who win the lottery continue with their old jobs afterwards.

    I'd have lived like a f*cking kingpin for a year or two with enough left over so that when they finally caught me in a pissed up, whore fuelled stuper in some South American bar for run-away criminals and ex-nazis, I could bribe the Screws in prison for a cushy cell and no shower-time-bum-fun.

    Say what you like about that 'mike carrol' fella' he may have been a chav scumbag but he knew how to p*ss up a million quid!
  4. This couple may be more to your liking :) Runaway Millionaires.

    Well, you would, wouldn't you? :twisted:
  5. Hah! you beat me to it NZ_Bootneck.
  6. I carried their bags onto the plane, good tippers. :D

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