The judge cleared of flashing may face new quiz

I did find it odd the the Magistrate accepted that the evidence in the case was sound, that he had been picked out and positively ID and that the witness was honest… then promptly throw out the case for lack of evidence.

Funny handshakes anyone?
His wife looked strangely familiar ; like every politicians wife who has been caught with his keck's adrift. LOL

Either that or she was constipated.
Problem with flasher cases is they never look at the persons face!if he was compelled to show his ferret then I'm sure people would know it.
Oh! just a minute,judges don't have knobs do they?they wear wigs,tights,shiny girls shoes and white blouses.Obviously one would stick up for another or stick one up another! Rest my case. cheers
retarded wankers.

"Republican Born,raised and ready"

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