The Jocks don't want the Sundodgers

..........."The SNP leader at Westminster, Angus Robertson, said Faslane had a good future as the base for an independent Scotland's conventional naval forces, rather than as a repository for Trident nuclear weapons, which the people and parliament of Scotland did not want" - wtf is he on; no Trident in Scotland = no SM or Naval Base in Scotland = loads of "sweaties" out of work!


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Think he may be revering to the fact that Faslane may indeed make a nice naval base for Scotland's conventional naval forces.
providing of course that the are going to get themselves a navy. They could of course ask Mr Putin for some conventional ships, after all it was a Scot who started the Soviet Navy


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Usual bollocks from the SNP. By the admission of their one time defence advisor they are totally uncomfortable with the idea of defence in any way shape or form. Soundbites about 'weapons of mass destruction' don't cover up the simple fact that thousands of people are employed in Faslane and the surrounding area in support of submarines in general and not just the Trident boats. Sweeping statements that everyone who works at HMNB Clyde will be employed in a conventional naval base post independence are total fabrications that don't fool anyone. Why on earth would a naval base for a Scottish Force be based on the opposite side of the country from the stuff that needs protecting in the North Sea? Rosyth would be the obvious and only choice for a small force but to admit that would be and admittance that Faslane is finished. Witness last years SNP conference where the party were cajoled into a U turn on an independent Scotland joining NATO. Why would a country that has just got rid of the UK's deterrent base from its soil then join an organisation where the same submarines and weapons form that organsiations defensive backbone? Angus Robertson has not to myknowledge set foot in Faslane or spoken to anyone from the RN about his plans to make everyone involved in the base in its current form redundant in an independent Scotland. Reality doesn't come into it as it is far too uncomfortable to deal with so fairy stories have to take its place. My sister in law emailed the SNP with several questions about the future of Faslane and was directed to a vague and meaningless web document that once more trumpeted the mantra of a conventional naval base employing everyone and their dog. Frighening stuff if your home, job and family are involved with the base in its current guise.
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Typical SNP single fish. They are so Anti-West Coast of Scotland which is a brilliant thing as they will never get their idiotic proposal of Independence. In addition to wanting to close a huge employer (Faslane) they also stopped the rail link between Glasgow Airport and the City Centre being built and put in a tram system in Edinburgh - brilliant.

The SNP's main concern is Morag and Hamish MacDougal and how difficult it is for crofters to get access to the local town for their supply of de-toe webbing kits.

Which is good news for the rest of us considering most of the population is on the West and cant stand the sheep interfering twats.
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