The Iraq Situation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by come_the_day, Dec 6, 2006.

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  1. Good to see that free speech is alive and well and living in the USA. James Baker and his crew have done the world an enormous service in producing their paper. Didn't Dubya look a spent force while he was answering their criticism, though.

    Blair - take note. Bet you wouldn't have the guts to allow a similar study by potential dissenters.
  2. We all know Saddam is a bad bastard but the ill conceived lie led attack on Iraq has turned that country in to a civil war bloodbath. Now the gruesome two-some Bush and Blair want out, of course elections are due fairly soon. They are even turning to Iran and Syria for help, countries according to Bush that are part of the 'axis of evil'. The rabid hypocrisy of those pair of clowns makes me vomit. When they do pull out all the lads who have lost their lives in that shite hole will have died for nothing.

  3. Think I'll agree with all that "finknottle" ,
  4. Have you noticed that our bassteward is fireproof?
  5. I wonder just how long it will be before we get the modern equivalent of the Crossman diaries. I would love to know what some ministers have done to 'earn' TBs loyalty, and what TB has done to earn some of his ministers loyalty.

  6. In full agreement there. What could two shags possibly have on him?
  7. And the rest!

  8. Good post mate - agree totally.

  9. DITTO

  10. Saw an American civvy interviewed on ITV News ( Awful I know ) last night. They asked him what he felt about withdrawing Allied troops from Iraq - he replied " You may as well walk into Arlington Cemetary and defecate on the graves of the servicemen and women who have lost thier lives there - they would have given thier lives for nothing ". I spent half of last year in Basra and hated the place as much as anybody else and for the sake of all our guys I would love to see them come home ASAP but the civvy has a point.
  11. Well how about this; The Daily Mirror (Main) 07 December 2006,

    "Tony Blair risked claims
    that he is snubbing George
    Bush after again refusing to
    collect a medal awarded by
    Congress for his support in
    the Iraq war. The PM was
    heading to Washington last
    night. But after admitting to
    MPs that the coalition was
    not winning the war said he
    was too busy to pick up the
    medal awarded in 2003".

    What a hero!

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