The Invasion of the Beautiful Flower people

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BreathingOutOnTheWayUp, Feb 10, 2010.

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  1. The backfiring of Billy-no-Mates & Co.'s grand WALTEX today resulted in a Newbie Forum Overload. :oops:

    For the Record:

    Planning & the Execution thereof:

    BillyNoMates @

    Those visited who arrived en-masse for some return sets:

    SailorRob @

    Titanic @

    sexysailorxxx and seamenstains @ AND

    suckkkermedick, RearEnd and rodgercabinboy @

    *Louisa-wren @ AND

    Great fun was by most, no genuine Newbies were harmed in this Exercise (although perhaps some would have liked to have been.)

    Intersite Comradeship was established and no nasturtiums were cast on the integrity of the Senior Service.

    The Flower Peoples are to be congratulated on their originality, spelling and punctuation; qualities usually notable for the absence on the Newbie Forum.

    BZ and Make & Mends to all participants.


    PS Say it with Flowers. (Or Courage, Gales, Watneys........ etc etc)

    *added as late-flowering entry (a Cracker!)
  2. I feel this has been a great day for Naval-Floristry relations. May it long continue.
  3. As a pongo I'm afraid that it comes as no surprise that you lot found common ground with a bunch of florists. :lol:
  4. Horticulture is gardens boys, u need to learn your stuff to be on our forum along side us ;) Fair game :) Can i stay tho, its been fun (plus navy guys are HOT!!!)

    Pretty pleaaaseee!!! :D x
  5. [​IMG]
    thats my sort of flower
  6. Jo-Jo,

    Percy never did understand Jack's "Good idea at the time" mentality which has often puzzled others, too.

    Besides that, the participants are too good at being real to assume a Walt mantle so easily.

    The deafening silence from some of the usual suspects indicates that they are honing their skills at some other site.

    (Either that or they are licking their wounds and sulking off-site - Don't wait up for them.) :twisted:
  7. Do gardens not have flowers anymore?
  8. Hi Lou (again!),

    A young member of ours - Tim/ Dr Zoidberg etc will be joining the RN next month.

    After two yrs at RR he has learned a lot already and is coming good at the "Yo" -ing, but cannot quite manage the "Ho Ho" -ing bit yet.

    Now that you have recovered from your Lady-Op please can we send him along to your site or somewhere for a course of Hoeing?

    He's very good at watering flowers, whoever is wearing them, but does answer back a lot.

  9. How did we get sussed, did someone rat on us? If you give us his name after we've reamed him to insanity, we will make him become a life paid up member of flowers are us or weeds weekly. 8O :roll: :wink: :D
  10. We'll need positive proof of your hanging baskets first
  11. I thought it was all Yo-man and Yyyyyymca! That you had to be good at, as well as the moves???

    Nope, heres a lesson to be learnt before trying to Waltz us............know your horticulture from your floristry. Florists arrange cut flowers which are grown all over the world and shipped to us (something you guys may know about ships)

    Horticulture is about what grows in the ground. I do not know horticulture, its a different topic to floristry :p x
  12. Yup! Two completely different professions :)
  13. Well thats my fact for the day
  14. You actually got me to reply sensibly to a medical question, so now I need to get even. Of course you can stay my lovely (it will make it easier to find you).
  15. Edited to suit you flower people, do florists and gardners not get on?
  16. Seed off (again).

    These Florists are all fun - almost as good as a Brewery Run today, must try more of those little sachets in my water....
  17. thankyou guys for a very eventful and funny couple of hours....most entertaining :flower: power :wave:
  18. Cheers titanic, I was going to shorten your name but realised calling someone a tit is not considered polite in some places.

    Thanks for the fun, catch you on the flip-flop. Who are you on your forum?
    You have planted a few seeds of an idea in my head over in the lounge.
    Regards ....The uphillgardener, the trained hatter 8O :roll: :wink: :D
  19. Just wanted to say many many thanks for a really fun afternoon. Maybe we could do it again sometime x You are all good sports xxx
  20. You got me.
    It was an honour and a privilege.
    Your cyber detection skills are second to none.

    (No flowers were harmed in the making of this programme).

    ..........and my wife is still alive by the way.



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